Across the Obelisk – Bonus Game Mechanics Guide (How It Works)

Guide to Bonus Game Mechanics

The money/shard perks definitely stack. What doesn’t are any modifiers to curses/auras, since those are already universal. For example, taking the “burn stacks do cold damage” perk on a second character does nothing, since all burn stacks are already doing cold regardless of who added them.

If you get a reward from an event, usually it’s applied as adding a “boon” or “injury” card to your deck where the effects only applied when the card is drawn in play. I don’t think I’ve encountered an event that applied a blanket resist buff that was always present yet, but I haven’t seen everything in the game yet either!

You should also be able to check your characters’ stats at any time either by clicking on them on the left side of the screen from the map or town interface, or by clicking on them directly in combat.

The only perks that don’t stack are the golden square perks that give you a choice between benefits unless it specifically only effects your own hero like the regen on this hero applies the healing to their sides as well.

There isn’t a change log of every stat buff you get but you can see the total stat changes a character has within their character sheet.

Town upgrades aren’t shared between players, but if one of you has a cheaper divination, it’ll be better to have them make them since everyone draws a card anyway. Certain things pool your money together, and some don’t.

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