ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) – How to Preserve Corpses

The number one reason to preserve corpses is to exchange them for Potions of Cure Corruption. And these become almost vital for survival during the end game.

Guide to Preserve Corpses

Trading Corpses for Potions

Not just any corpses though, they have to be really badass. Tenriyo’s resident druid Guth’Alak will reward non-chaotic PCs with a Potion of Cure Corruption for each corpse of a very powerful chaotic creature. These include:

  • Keethrax (the black druid living in the Druid Dungeon).
  • Any of the 5 Orb Guardians.
  • Keriax (the Chaos Dragon guarding the Ancient Stone Circle).
  • Black Unicorns (the only non-unique corpse he accepts).

Methods of Preservation

Without some means of preservation any uncooked corpse will eventually start rotting (“start to smell”) and then disappear entirely on your lengthy return journey to Tenriyo (“Your equipment seems lighter”).

Here’s 5 ways I know of to stop the rot:

  • Selling
  • Cooking
  • Uncursing
  • Blessing
  • Praying
  1. Selling Corpses

You can save on a lot of travel by storing these corpses before making a bulk transport journey back to Tenriyo. However, they will certainly rot away if you just leave them laying about anywhere. The trick is to sell them to a General Store. This halts any further decay (cold storage I guess). Later on, buy them back again when you’re all set to travel.

  1. Cooking Corpses

Cooked corpses don’t continue to rot. But only Hurthlings, Healers and Farmers start with this skill and it requires a heavy cooking set and fire-lighting equipment. I’d advise against using this solution – there’s a significant chance to ruin food during cooking, although this is reduced at higher skill levels.

  1. Uncursing Corpses

In ADOM rotten food is considered cursed. Therefore using a Scroll of Uncursing can reverse a corpse’s decay for a time. Note that a blessed scroll uncurses your whole inventory.

  1. Blessing Corpses

Dipping a corpse into a potion of Holy Water upgrades it’s status to ‘Blessed’, which is one degree of freshness better still than a Scroll of Uncursing offers.

  1. Praying for Favour

Equip a rotting corpse in your Tool slot, then a prayer for favour may uncurse it (and hence remove its rotten status). There’s a few caveats to consider though:

  • Your piety must be high enough (but not so high you get Crowned instead).
  • Each time you pray you lose significant piety. so it has limited uses on the road.
  • Be sure you’re not injured, hungry, have any other cused items equopped, or have some other negative intrinsic (e.g. doomed), since your prayer will be used to reverse one of these other problems instead.

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