Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion – Achievements Guide

Here is the full list of all achievements.

  • Estimated Time to 100% ~ 16-20h.
  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1.

Stage 1: Try to Side Quests Along the Way #1

In this stage, you will need to play through the game up until the point you restore the core in the Fire Kingdom. Try to finish as many side quests and miscellaneous trophies along the way to be as efficient as possible. Do not fight the final boss before finishing all the side quests to avoid a potential bug with the spawning of the pirate ships. You will know when you are about to fight the final boss when you are tasked to go to the Ice King after restoring the core in the Fire Kingdom.

Bad Cop!

Pass the first Interrogation.

Pick the red options during your first interrogation.


Win your first fight against a higher level enemy.

The first available time for this achievement is when you reach the Candy Kingdom. Once you enter the gates, go to the right and there will will be guard checkpoint with a level 5 banana guard along with 2 level 1 banana guards in the group of three. What I did was roam around the kingdom and smash all the destructible marshmallows, buns, and donuts to get money and health items. Roaming around the entire kingdom will allow for the destructibles and enemy groups time to replenish, therefore making this area a prime spot for farming to at least level 4 for Jake and Finn to fight the banana guard. Build up your characters to level 4, try to max the special attacks, regular attacks, and health bars when each level is achieved and the fight should relatively easy. If you don’t kill them on the first go, don’t worry. There is a benefit to dying as it will reset the entire kingdom’s destructibles and group fights to get more money and experience.

I am sure you could get this naturally as the game progresses. It comes down to person preference – do you want to get this sooner or later – more for the acheievement hunters. This is the place I found is the earliest in the game to have the option to receive this achievement. Happy hunting!

Fresh Produce

Buy your first item from the shop.

Easy enough. The first opportunity to purchase an item is at the Candy Kingdom. Buy anything from Choose Goose will accomplish the achievement. Taking the path to the left after entering through the front gate will lead you to him.

Smash Up

Destroy 50 land destructibles

All you do is play as Marcie or Finn and hit X to hit shiny doughnuts or marshmallows or icicles with your sword when you are close to them

Super Smash Up

Destroy 250 land destructibles.

250 seems like a lot, but you will unlock this very early on in the game if you break land destructibles often. As you should, because you will need the money inside of them to level up often and buy items from the shop. The items you break will match whatever level you are in (example: Candy Kingdom have breakable food items). There are many items in each level so they are impossible to miss. All items will respawn when you re-enter your boat.

Floating Smash Up

Destroy 10 Sea destructibles.

Once you unlock Marceline, you will unlock the canon for your ship. Use her to destroy sea destructibles (example: barrels on a raft). You will unlock this naturally with some of the side missions, but you should still destroy most items you come across as they hold coins needed for upgrades and buying items from shops.

Snagged it!

Fish out 25 items from the sea.

You can start doing this at the beginning of the game. To “fish” things from the sea, simply press Circle to grab items with Jake when the prompt pops up.

Dosh Ahoy

Open 15 treasure chests.

Marceline is the only one who can open Treasure Chests with her Axe. You unlock her in the Candy Kingdom. Just go up to a Treasure Chest and press X to smash the lock open. Repeat 15 times and Achievement Unlocked. There are loads of chests in the game.

Muffin Man

Revive a hero.

When one of your characters’ HP reaches 0, they will “faint”. With another character that is still in the fight, use a muffin to revive your teammate and the trophy will unlock. You will get a lot of muffins through breakable items, some battles and missions, and they can be bought in the shop. You will also start the game with a few.

Spill Your Guts

Use BMO’s Analyze.exe

You will unlock BMO on your second visit to the Evil Forest. Once you have BMO, use his App special ability in a fight and the trophy will unlock. This ability is pretty useful on tougher enemies because it will tell you what their weaknesses and immunities are.

This one is very easy – use BMO’s special ability in the fight to analyze the weakness of the group you are fighting – it costs 1 energy to use and it comes default to BMO once you have saved him.

Helping time!

Complete your first side quest.

You will see the side quest givers as blue question marks on the map.

The first one you can get is to collect four sugar bags in the Candy Kingdom.

Raise The Flag

Use a pirate lookout.

Simply use a pirate lookout and this trophy will unlock. These are really useful as they will show all points of interest on your map. The first one will be in the Candy Kingdom and will be in plain sight.

Science Stuff

Unlock a gate with BMO

To get this, you need to first get BMO. You will unlock the character on your second visit to the Evil Forest. Then when you have him, you need to use his special ability by pressing the B button when standing against a locked gate and the achievement unlocks. There are quite a lot in the Evil Forest.

Shiver Me Timbers

Win your first sea battle.

This is story related and cannot be avoided. This will serve as the game’s battle tutorial. After you leave the Ice Kingdom for the first time and are heading to the Candy Kingdom, a ship full of enemies will attack you. The battle is super easy and will take only a couple minutes to finish.

Stage 1: Try to Side Quests Along the Way #2

Avast Ye Matey!

Use all the pirate lookouts.

Very straight forward and is reached by progressing the main story line. There are a total of 5 outposts to activate with Finn. These are the posts which display all the treasure chests on the map. Here is a list of locations:

  • Candy Kingdom – 1
  • Evil Forest – 2
  • Fire Kingdom – 1
  • Firebreak Island – 1

Note: This did not pop for me right away. I had to log out to the title screen and back into the game for it to register. This is a glitchy achievement. If it happens the achievement does not show up once the last post is activated, then quit to title and come back in.


Beat 50 enemies in battle.

This may sound like a lot of enemies, but you should have this trophy before you fight Mother Varmint if you don’t skip any fights. You shouldn’t be skipping any fights anyways because getting all the exp you can wherever will make this platinum go by faster.

The Bigger they are

Beat the Mother Varmint in battle

This is part of the main story line – not missable and very straight forward fight. Here are some points of interest to make the fight easier:

  • All types of enhanced attacks (i.e. fire, ice, holy, etc.) is effective against Mother Varmint. All are effective except jinx – it is a weak attack against her.
  • Until her arms are gone, she likes to do a tri-attack (or double if she is missing one arm already) against a person in the group. It can hit for a lot of damage and should be followed up with a quick 25% heal potion.
  • Her two (2) arms must be chopped off before attacking her main body. Her arms are 400 HP a piece while her main body is at 4000 HP.
  • After the arms are gone, she will on occasion spawn babies – 4 of them – at about 160 HP a piece. They are easy enough to take down and is a great opportunity to get the following achievement by using Jake’s whole group hit (3rd tier) boomerang special attack: Quadrilateral!
  • If her babies are left up too long, she will regenerate health. At the time, I did not have a lot of damage on her – ~400 HP gone – she healed back to full.
  • Her babies like to do a spawn attack where they all go underground and start to attack the group for a good amount of damage. The less enemies in the group, the less damage the attack does. NOTE: I have not experienced it myself as I had at least 2 down before they would do the attack, but be aware they may use the spawn attack multiple times in succession.

Like I said, pretty straight forward fight. Doing this fight around the group’s level being 6 with full HP and attack upgrades (having maxed out special attacker’s don’t hurt either) to all the group members makes for an easier time taking her down this rascal of a varmint.

Cool it!

Beat the Fire Giant in battle

This is part of the main story – not missable. Here are some points to get you through the fight. This fight can be super easy hinging on one key factor – the bunk Boggled caused to him.

  • The Fire Giant has 16000 HP at level 10. Once the battle rotation is complete, he will do a single fire blast to someone for about 1000 HP of damage and may cause overheating for additional damage to the character at the start of the turn. This was against the group which was all at level 8 with HP in the mid to beginning 2000 range.
  • He can get Freezing and Boggled bunks, immune to all others.
  • Use all items at the start of the fight which would help special attacks land the bunk Boggled on the giant.
  • BMO’s Golden Crossbow or any of Jake’s Twister specials has the ability on chance to cause Boggled. Items which will help land the bunk are Rotten Fish (increase chance on all enemies receiving bunk from special attacks) and Used Tissue (increase chance on a single enemy receiving a bunk from special attacks). This bunk is key to a super easy fight.
  • Once he blasts someone with his cannon, he will spin around in confusion leaving his most vulnerable spot open ONLY if he has the bunk Boggled active at the time of his attack. This is the time to unload the biggest attacks on him. There is no most effective elemental attack to use against him – all of them are equal, no better to worst (unless he activated an orb,then worst). He takes massive damage when his back is turned towards the groups, so do the heaviest hitting attacks.
  • If he is facing the group, he will use a buff on himself immediately after the elemental damage he receives.
  • for example, an ice attack activates his ice orb for protection. Save these attacks until Boggled can be activated and he turns around.
  • As a backup, go into the fight with BMO’s special ability ready to be used. This will help in a pinch to get all characters HP back (depending how low some of the group really are) AND add a random buff to help with the rest of the fight.

Well timed hits and the activation of Boggled bunk are essential to making this level 10 fight super easy and quick. Good luck!

Grass Cutter

Beat Fern in battle

Part of the main mission – cannot be missed. Points to look for during the fight for ease:

  • He is weak against fire. Marceline’s fire special attack and fire gems added on basic hits for Jake and Finn will help to get him down in HP. His total HP is 2100.
  • He will have two (2) minions with him during the fight. Concentrate on the minions and get them down first – they are the twin fighters which means they hit twice on each of their turns.
  • Fern will suck away your special attack energy – do not conserve. If there is a special attack to use, use it or lose it. Batteries could help charge up the meter on Marceline’s turn, but wait for her to use it. He will generally suck out about 5/6 points of energy.
  • Fern does three (3) power ups on himself: Attack Up, Speed up, and Agility Up.
  • Fern will do a double vine attack when he gets to about half his health.
  • Stay on top of the health potions – 25% ones should be fine. If you are leveling the characters as much as possible along the way – extra focus on attack and HP leveling – there should be no issues with maintaining health as you may be level 5 by the time reaching here (level 4 minimum, in my opinion).

Not a hard fight. Take your time and it will be over in no time.

Stage 1: Try to Side Quests Along the Way #3

Light ’em up

Light all the braziers in the Fire Kingdom

You cannot attempt this trophy until the story mission in the Fire Kingdom that has you check on the core of the Fire Kingdom. You will get to a point where you need to pick up a brazier and light the four fires in the room. After that is done, pick up the blue fire brazier and light the brazier next to the other blue fire to open the door to the core. You are not finished yet though. You will need to go back and pick up the orange/yellow fire brazier and head down to the village (where is Cinnamon Bun is) There will be 6 more braziers to light. Once the last one is lit, the trophy should unlock.

Key word: it Should unlock. This trophy is labeled buggy because it may or may not unlock for you. DO NOT make a new save though. There is a workaround for this trophy. If the trophy does not unlock like it should, pause the game and quit the game. Re-enter the game and you should spawn next to the fires. You will notice all the fires are still lit. Don’t freak out though. Simply grab the blue fire brazier first and go “re-light” the blue fire. Obviously nothing will happen but the game will for some reason count that as lighting the fire. Do the same with the orange/yellow fire brazier to the four braziers in the same room. Alright, this is where the workaround gets annoying. This may take some time, so don’t give up. Pick the orange/yellow fire brazier with Jake and head to the village. You will need to keep “re-lighting” the 6 braziers in the village. Do so by walking into them and around them and also jumping on top of the fires. Keep going around to all 6 of the braziers and the trophy will eventually pop. It may take multiple tries to all 6 braziers but eventually you will “re-light” the one that bugged on you and the trophy will unlock.

Note: If the achievement does not pop, it may be due to the last BLUE flame cauldron to light – I did not include that one in my above count. I had went and did the 4 in the throne room AND then the blue flame before heading out to the starting area to light the other 6.

Stage 2: Side Quest and Miscellaneous Trophy Cleanup #1

If you still have any side quests or miscellaneous trophies left, this is the time do it before beating the final boss to avoid any glitches.

This is Bunk

Inflict more than 1 bunk effect on to a single enemy.

You will very likely do this to multiple bosses. A “bunk effect” is basically this game’s bad status effects that can be done to enemies and done to you. There are some bunks, like Frozen and PooBrain, that will bring up two symbols, but that only counts as one bunk. Some easy fights do this in are the boss battles with Fern or Mother Varmint.

If use BMO’s Analyze.exe power (See Spill Your Guts for more information) it will tell you what the enemy’s weaknesses and immunities are. You can also buy items from the shop to make enemies more vulnerable to bunk effects. Although, it shouldn’t be needed.

Listed below are all the bunk effects possible:

  • Frozen/Slow Down
  • Sleep
  • Overheat (burn damage)
  • PooBrain (attack power down)
  • Flump (lowers defense)
  • Flip Out (character cannot control who they attack)
  • Boggle (will likely miss attacks)
  • Shock (electric damage)

Simply apply two of these to one enemy and the trophy will unlock.

Land Lubbers

Fall in to water more than 10 times

Simple. Jump in the water repeatedly to unlock this achievement, when you fall in you will respawn very close to where you fell in.

Hero Time

Free the caged Mushroom people

The mushroom people are located in the Evil Forest and can only be freed after getting BMO as he’s needed to unlock one of the gates.

If not, the locations of the caged Mushroom people are as follows:

  • Cut the vines keeping the cage closed next to where you rescue Princess Bubblegum
  • There will be a keypad on a cage that only BMO can open in the area you rescue BMO
  • There will be a keybad on a cage that only BMO can open in the northern part of the level

You must rescue all the caged Mushroom people in one life. So if you die, the cages will reset and you will have to unlock them again. It should also go without mentioning that you will need to unlock BMO first before you can get this trophy. Once all 3 cages have been unlocked, the trophy will unlock.

Explorer of Ooo

Dock at all the islands.

These are all the gray anchors on the map – here is the list of locations:

  • Ice Kingdom
  • Candy Kingdom
  • Gelato Island
  • Evil Forest
  • Badlands
  • Mushroom Island
  • Fire Kingdom
  • Firebreak Island
  • Matchstick Island

Note: I experienced a lag of this achievement unlocking for me to where I had logged out to the title screen and back in and the achievement then popped. The achievement did not pop on the last docking port reached in the game. If you experience the same thing, quit out to the title screen and come back into the game. This is a glitchy achievement.


Overskronk 4 enemies in a single battle.

Overskronk is this game’s version of Overkill. If you deal a massive amount of damage as the killing blow to any enemy, you will Overskronk them. As the trophy states, this has to be done with a battle with 4 enemies in it. This can be done with any fight that has 4 enemies in it, but the boss battle against the Mother Varmint is by far the easiest place to get this trophy. This is because, every once in awhile she will spawn 4 enemies on the screen. You most likely have her spawn 4 enemies twice in the fight against you giving you way more chances to get 4 enemies Overskronk than usual. So for example, you can Overskronk 2 enemies in each spawn and still get the trophy. This makes the trophy way less stressful.

Other places you can get this trophy early on in the game are in the Candy Kingdom and in the Evil Forest. If you are attempting this late or post game, the Evil Forest is still a viable option.

With the Candy Kingdom early on in the game, there are 4 level 2-3 fairies near the front of the palace. You will need to be level 3 or 4 as they seem to disappear when you reach level 5. There are yellow, blue, and red fairies. With the yellow fairies, they are weak to Jake’s abilities. With the blue fairies, they are weak to Marcy’s fire ability. With the red fairies, they are weak to Finn’s ice ability. Get them all down to half health or lower than deal each of their weaknesses to them and they should all be Overskronk.

With the Evil Forest, there are 4 enemies with a weakness to fire near a BMO gate near the Pirate Lookout on the left side of the level. Same enemies can be found late or post game.

Found Him!

Find the snail.

You might get this trophy by accident while doing the side quest for Treetrunks where you must collect apples for her in the Evil Forest. On the left side of the Evil Forest, there will be place with a prompt to press Circle with Jake to carry everyone up the cliff. Enter the area ahead by opening the BMO gate, and the side quest to collect the apples will start. On the immediate left, destroy the plants in front of the shack and a very short cutscene with the iconic snail from the show will wave at you, unlocking the easiest trophy in the game.

Stage 2: Side Quest and Miscellaneous Trophy Cleanup #2

Super Helper

Complete all side quests.

There a total of 12 side quests in this game. None of them are hard, but a couple are time consuming. Side quests show up as blue question mark icons on the map. You will know when you are near side quest because the quest giver will have a blue beam of light on them. Unfortunately there is no quest log in this game, which is a huge bummer. However, just check back here for information on each quest when you start them.

Listed below is every single side mission, the location to unlock them, and how to complete them:

  • In the Candy Kingdom there will be a candy person near the beginning that will ask you to collect 4 bags and bring them back to her. Complete this ASAP when you enter the Candy Kingdom because she will reward Jake with a really useful Boomerang move when kept upgraded, will make the rest of the game easier.
  • After recruiting Marceline and heading back to the front gate to board your ship, you will find a mother that has lost her ten candy children. When you find a child, you must pick them up and bring the back to your ship. To drop children off that you have found, you will need to pull the ship up next where the mom is by the Candy Kingdom gate. Read further down to know the locations for all the kids.
  • Defeat the Kraken! This side quest will unlock when leaving the Candy Kingdom for the first time. Nothing is hard about this side quest. It will take awhile to complete though. The Kraken will randomly pop up while sailing the high seas. You will need to shoot him with the cannon. Each time you do, you will deal some damage and he will retreat. The health lost will save each time you shoot him. Eventually you will have done enough damage to defeat him and the side quest will complete.
  • Destroy the junk surrounding Mushroom Island. The Mushroom Island is an optional area in the middle of the map. Simply dock at Mushroom Island and talk to the quest giver. Afterwards, get on your boat and destroy the ten junk items surrounding the island.
  • Destroy the ten stinky spores in the Evil Forest. The quest giver is Peppermint Butler. Some will be on land, and some will have you get on your ship and destroy some on the water with the cannon. Nothing too difficult here.
  • Defeat the seven pirate ships spread throughout the sea. This side quest will be unlocked when leaving the Evil Forest for the first time. Simply defeat all 7 ships and the side quest will be completed. Locations seem to be set, but they also move around a little in said area. The map isn’t that big and you will most likely defeat most of them before even trying to finish the side quest. There are two at the bottom left of the map that you may have missed if you are still looking for ships. Make sure to finish this side quest before beating the final boss. Check the bug note further down for more information.
  • Find and collect the ten missing penguins. This side quest will be unlocked after returning the crown to the Ice King. For more information on this side quest, take a look at Now Stay Put!.
  • Fix the flood gate in the Candy Kingdom. This will be in the area where you recruit Marceline. You will need to rescue BMO before you can finish this side quest. Once you have BMO, return and interact with the keypad. Easy side quest finished!
  • Collect the 12 apples for Treetrunks in the Evil Forest. The location of this side quest is in the left of the Evil Forest. From the beginning of the level use Jake on the left to get everyone up the cliff, open the gate with BMO and the side quest will start. You will end up using all 4 characters to collect all the apples.
  • You will need catch 30 herrings for Prismo. Prismo is located inside of a portal in the Badlands. Badlands is an optional area in the southeastern part of the map. Once you have the quest simply catch any fish that randomly pop up in the water with Jake (press Circle). You can use BMO’s on the ship ability by pressing Triangle to see green arrows that are spawns for the fish. Catch 30 herrings and the side quest will automatically finish.
  • After you restore the Fire Kingdom core (story related), talk to Flame Princess’s sister on Firebreak Island. She will task you with defeating four groups of varmints. Simply defeat them all, and the side quest will complete.
  • After you restore the Fire Kingdom core (story related), visit the optional area called Gelato Island. Gelato Island is located between Candy Kingdom and Ice Kingdom. Once there, talk to the candy person. They will task you with defeating some enemies to save the candy people.

Candy Children Locations:

  • Mushroom Island (2)
  • Evil Forest (2)
  • Badlands (2)
  • Fire Kingdom (3)
  • Matchbook Island (1)

There are a couple of tips to make this trophy more efficient. First is to make sure to keep note that you can only carry 6 candy children/penguins at all times. Second is to make sure to drop them off whenever you hit 6 so the maximum time is saved and not wasted.

Bug Warning: It is recommended that you complete all 12 side quests before beating the final boss (Gumbald) so you avoid a potential bug where a pirate ship or two do not spawn. Also check out Now Stay Put! for more information on a very rare glitch that can happen that would make this trophy and that trophy impossible to complete without restarting the game.

Flaming Goodness

Restore light to the treasure tree.

The location for this trophy in the northern part of the Evil Forest. You will come across a huge tree with a hole in it and rock that needs to be pushed into said hole. Push the rock into the tree with Finn. Three floor switches with Xs on them will now light up. Two of your partners should automatically stand on two of them. Stand on the last one and the treasure chest on the other side of the tree will be accessible now and the trophy will unlock. Make sure to use Marceline to open the chest because it includes a special ability for her.

Now Stay Put!

Take all the penguins to the tree house.

Once you rescue Princess Bubblegum (part of the story), you will be tasked with returning Ice King’s crown. After you do that, Ice King will give you the side quest to rescue the ten penguins. You will need to keep an eye out for the penguins throughout the levels in the game. It should be noted that you can only hold 6 penguins/candy children on your ship at a time. To be efficient, make sure to clear your ship whenever you hit the max occupants. The drop off point for the penguins is the ice island next to your Treehouse.

Below are the locations of all the penguins:

  • Candy Kingdom (1)
  • Gelato Island (1) – An optional area located in the north.
  • Evil Forest (1)
  • Badlands (1) – An optional area located in the southeastern part of the map.
  • Fire Kingdom (2)
  • Firebreak Island (1)
  • Matchbook Island (3) – An optional area located in the southwestern area of the map. You need to restore the Fire Kingdom’s core (story related) first.

Extremely Rare Bug Warning: After getting this side quest from the Ice King, immediately sail back to the Treehouse (basically in the middle of the map). There should be an ice island next to your Treehouse. If it’s not, then you were hit with an extremely rare reported bug and will need to restart the game if you want the platinum trophy.

Stage 3: Beat the Game!

Bath Time

Pull the plug!

This is the trophy you unlock for beating the game. You will be tasked with pulling the plug after defeating Uncle Gumbald. Go pull the plug to beat the game! It should be noted that this game is pretty buggy, so you should unlock all other trophies before finishing the final boss (Gumbald). There is a post game, but there are reports that pirate ships sometimes don’t spawn making Super Helper impossible to complete. This is easy to avoid. Simply do not beat Gumbald until you get all other trophies.

Sweet Victory

Beat Uncle Gumbald in battle

This is the final boss battle. It is story-related and cannot be missed. It occurs when you return to the Ice King in the Ice Kingdom late in the game.

At level 10 with 10,000 HP, Uncle Gumbald may initially look scary, but the fight is relatively easy. My level 9 characters were more than enough for the task. Just make sure your characters have enough experience and a fair amount of healing potions. Gumbald’s special attacks can be nasty.

I used Jake to protect Finn and BMO, while BMO was charging the other characters’ abilities. I attacked the pirate minions first before focusing on the boss, and used a few resistance orbs along the way.

Stage 4: It’s Level Grinding Time!

You might have 1 or 2 levels to grind out with each character at this point. Check out Hero Finn for more information on level grinding.

Hero Jake

Get Jake to level 10.

Hero Marceline

Get Marceline to level 10.

Hero Finn

Get Finn to level 10.

Hero BMO

Get BMO to level 10.

Pirates of the Enchiridion

Collect all other achievements.

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