AdventureQuest 3D – World Earth Day 2022

My simple guide on how to complete the earth day event.

The Four Ingredients

1.Imbued Seed

Eastern – Go to Yokai through the travel button then head to Yokai Beach and fight the Kappa there.

Mystical Swamp -Travel to Arcangrove and keep travelling straight ahead from where you spawn, You will eventually get to Crimson Bog Dungeon tucked right at the back. Fight the bog leeches here. (This might require exiting and entering a few times to get all of them).

2.Imbued Soil

Moonlit – Go to Werewolf Garden via Werewolf Colosseum in Darkovia and fight the nite sprites.

Arid Plane – Go to Sandsea and head out into the desert to fight the sand twisters.

3.Fresh Water

Surrounded coast – Go to the Point Less Isle via the Mysterious isles tab to fight the Water blobs.

Locally Sourced -Go to yulgars inn, accept the quest from yulgar and complete his quest. This involves fighting 15 green slimes in the basement.

4.Nutrient Fertilizer

Fish up some Daggerfin. I do fishing for the daily task so i already had a bunch of these, I always fish in battleon centre so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

The Final Step! (So Far)

Lastly hand in the quest and prepare to wait 24 hours! (or pay 500 dc).

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