Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement – Tea Connoisseur Beyond Compare Achievement Guide

Guide to get the Tea Connoisseur Beyond Compare achievement.

How to Obtain Tea Connoisseur Beyond Compare Achievement


This achievement is very buggy.

Things I Did

  • Clicked multiple times on each tea pot.
  • Checked each time in my achievement page, if the progress went up.
  • After multiple times returned to main menu and continued clicking on the tea pot.
  • The first one in the call center was not recognized on my second attempt, but on the first attempt. But there is the additional one in the last chapter.

Chapter 1

  • In the call center room. For me this did not recognize, but there was one additional (see Chapter 6).
  • In the home behind the locked gate, which you unlock with the key words.

Chapter 2

  • No tea pot

Chapter 3

  • No tea pot

Chapter 4

  • No tea pot

Chapter 5

  • Gavin will bring some tea after you wake up.

Chapter 6

  • Go to Exotic Curiosity Shop. On the left side of the counter.
  • Dr. Jeckyll and Hyde shop. In the first room.
  • In the ally with the dog. Tea pot in the lower part of the screen. Does not have a circle if you hold spacebar and easily missable.
Written by Daerphen

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