Aether Gazer – Guide to Combo Rotation and AI

Combo Rotation and AI

By taiyilong

Strong DPS? Use it, don’t let Al use it. Even if you don’t see yourself as a good player, practice with the character, read this guide as many times you need until you manage to use it, there’s no problem learning how to play a DPS.

But, if you let her under Al, consider Red Code. Unless, you have a strong C-SUP unit and your Izanami is highly invested (3S and above) and have as well Kuramitsuha.

Now, let me be honest here. Many people are watching Izanami being strong and compared to “God of Aether Gazer”, but there’s a small situation: She needs Kura!

  • If you try to compare Izanami vs Jin Wu, both without sig keys and no proper teams, then Jin Wu will pretty much get the upperhand if the player knows how to use her.
  • If you try to compare Izanami vs Jin Wu, both without sig keys, but Kura and Ling in the team, then, you’ll see that the tide will become balanced.
  • If you try to compare Izanami vs Jin Wu, both with Sig Keys, full teams, then, Izanami will win.

The reason is because Izanami is dependant on Kuramitsuha’s kit. Without Kura, her power will be reduced by 50~60%. So, even if you’re F2P, please, @taiyilong do consider at least 1x copy of Kuramitsuha.

But you guys aren’t interested in only this, I know that many of you look at this area to search the reasons why she’s strong and the combo to bring this power, so, let’s work.

Blue and Yellow shares a similar kit, but as you guys will notice, the sequence of BA and as well the dodge effect, will change, and even without proper teams, Yellow is the best choice.

Standard Combo:

  • BA 3x > DODGE > BA 3x > SK3 > DODGE > SK1 > SK2 (alt) > BA 5x > BA 5x > BA 3x > DODGE > SK1 > SK2 > BA 5x

For fast burst, if you have Kuramitsuha 2S with Nibel and Unfetter, then, you should take into consideration the duo ult to be used before the full combo execution:

  • BA 3x > DODGE > BA 3x > SK3 > DUO ULT > SK1 (alt) or SK2 (alt)

Other method of combo, would be to already start with SK3, but this is mainly for high invested Izanami comp:

  • BA 3x > SK3 > DUO ULT > DODGE > BA 1x > SK1 > SK2 (alt)

Also, a few extra info about Izanami’s kit:

  • Pay attention to your UI when playing as Izanami. Each time she genares a mirror, the whole screen will change, and it takes around 0.5~1 second for it to break. If you press the ability before, it won’t get the buff effect.
  • When you plan to use SK1 (both versions), take at least 1x DODGE of distance from enemies when they’re small (elite and bosses), because the connection point of damage requires distance to give the total amount of damage. An exception would be situations like you fighting big enemies, such as Halphas, Kusherfang (full body in ground) and similar bosses.
  • Both ALT skills will require more rage.



When to Pick Izanami?

She’s a safe unit to be used.

Even if you don’t have Kuramitsuha, Izanami will still deal a lot of damage in all types of challenges.

However, I keep my word, without Kuramitsuha, you can’t expect the same amount of damage.

Also, avoid using her in Iteration Check challenges where Ice element is not the weakness of the enemy.

Key Options to Pick

For Keys (Functors), the best recommendation is to use her Sig Key, because of the effects given to her kit, also she becomes capable of self-heal, which will help a lot to activate the effect of the new Ice Sigil (limited).

But, for damage, you can safely use a R5 Gen Zone for her. The amount of dmg dealt by both keys when compared, is around this:

  • Sig Key R1+2 = 100%
  • Gen Zone R5+2 = 98%

Which means that there’s no need to consider the 4* options. Unless, for some reason, you can’t use the Gen Zone.

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