Aether Gazer – Sigils Setup Guide

Sigils Setup

These suggestions are the best options for Izanami to be built as C-DPS:

  • Normal: 135/246
  • Omega: 13/24/56
  • Alt Omega: Owl 46 and Vanargand 25

Yomotsu Hirasaka (No Return from Underworld, or just Gates) VS Vanargand.

Vanargand is mainly suggested to pick when you started the game and you got Iza, but you didn’t managed to farm Gates.

However, it’s necessary to point out:

  • If you don’t have her Sig Key, the amount of chances to keep activating the full effect of Gates will be lowered, which will force you to use dodge in situations that a simple heal effect from Sig Key would be enough (ALT skills will heal Izanami), but it’s up to the player.
  • Even still, it’s worth to consider the first two effects.

Why you didn’t recommended any Rage Set and instead recommended Owl?

To simply put, Izanami’s skills cost works like this:

  • SK1 = 25 Cost.
  • SK2 = 30 Cost.
  • SK3 = 10 Cost.
  • SK1 (Alt) = 35 Cost.
  • SK2 (Alt) = 40 Cost.

The numbers above are without any reduction. If we include Blue Line, it’ll have an extra cost but that at same time will give as well, so, let’s only focus un her kit without Aether Codes.

BA = 5x Sequences

  • 1 – 1x Hit = 2 Rage.
  • 2 – 4x Hit = 12 Rage (3 Rage per hit).
  • 3 – 1x Hit = 5 Rage.
  • 4 – 2x Hit = 7 Rage (both hits are dealt almost at same time).
  • 5 – 6x Hit = 14 Rage.

Total = 40 Rage Gain (if you hit everything)

Note: Avoid dodge cancel, because the amount of rage obtained is linked to the full animation, and as well because dodge have an important role in Izanami’s kit as already informed and there’s no benefit from it because of her mechanic.

  • BA 5X = 40 Rage.
  • BA 3X = 19 Rage.

As you can see, the amount of rage she gains is already too high, and instead of using a resources sigil, you can safely use Owl and then you have the following methods to make thins even more easier:

  • 1x Anger Management (Warp) = 45 Rage (60 if 3S Rank) when battle start.
  • S Hera + Mi Shaker (the DJ resources cat).

Or, in the last case, pick one of the two:

  • 2x Waves of Rage Enchant (1x if 3S Rank)
  • 2x Burning Will Enchant (1x if 3S Rank).

1x Waves of Rage (for those interested to use): +5% Rage Gain.

BA = 5x Sequences.

  • 1 – 1x Hit = 2 Rage = +5% > +0.1 (+0.2 if 3S Rank)
  • 2 – 4x Hit = 12 Rage = +5% > +0.6 (+1.2 if 3S Rank)
  • 3 – 1x Hit = 5 Rage = +5% > +0.25 (+0.5 if 3S Rank)
  • 4 – 2x Hit = 7 Rage = +5% > +0.35 (+0.7 if 3S Rank)
  • 5 – 6x Hit = 14 Rage = +5% > +0.7 (+1.4 if 3S Rank)

Total = 40 Rage = + 5% > + 2 (+4 if 3S Rank)

1x Burning Will (for those interested to use): +5% Rage Gain.

  • BA = 3x and 5x Sequences = 19 and 40 Rage.
  • SK1-25 Rage Cost = -5% > 24 (22 if 3S Rank).
  • SK2-30 Rage Cost = -5% > 28 (27 if 3S Rank).
  • SK3-10 Rage Cost = -5% > 10 (9 if 3S Rank).
  • SK1 (Alt) -35 Rage Cost = -5% > 33 (31 if 3S Rank).
  • SK2 (Alt) – 40 Rage Cost = -5% > 38 (36 if 3S Rank).

You can see that for 100% benefit you’ll need 2x Burning Will. But, as I mentioned in the previous part:

  • Izanami can sustain herself, and her combos will already fill rage.

So, it’s up to you to decide. It’s 100% safe to use Owl.

Use Nibel for Omega Slot if you have Kuramitsuha.

If you don’t have, then use Vanargand.

You can as well use Vanargand instead of Nibel even when you have Kuramitsuha and she’s 3S or Omega as well.

Warps and Enchants


Good to pick


A few notes:

  • You can notice that I didn’t recommended Burning Will or Waves of Rage, because I don’t see the need of it. But if you feel more ok with these defensive enchants, ok, go ahead.
  • You can stick with the standard concept of priority. If you get loopback in your pulls, just keep it until you have more resources to focus in the priority line. The other two are safe to keep.
  • If you liked to use loopback, keep it then.

Team Compositions

This is pretty much simple:

  • Kuramitsuha is necessary for full performance of Izanami and duo ult partner.
  • S Hera is necessary because of her buffs and ult. Ling can be used, but Hera is just better for Izanami.
  • To replace Kura and/or Hera, consider Skadi and Ooku, and both requires full module.

Note: Please, remember! Iceberg on Hera/Ooku/Skadi, to give room for Nibel taiyilong in Mitsuha’s sigil setup, she’s her duo ult partner!

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