Aether Gazer – Why Sigil Placement Matters

Simple put placement matters for enchantments as you only have a set amount of enchant slots 24 you need to minmax the stats to get the most out of the system.

Sigil Placement Explained

Let’s go over some basics

  • Only worry about 5 star sigils only these can have the proper fixed enchants.
  • The Ingame placement is correct for most chrs.

As stated above the importance of placement is to minmax enchanting

Most if not all Main DPS need what we call 8886

  • 8 atk
  • 8 crit dmg
  • 8 crit rate
  • 6 elemt

As for other chrs with more support roles when minmaxing enchants it will not be the same as dps.

When looking at sigils the part with atk and hp is not taken into account with the enchants.

These are just the stat boost that are effected by lvl has no baring on placement.

There are 3 types of sigils types:

  • Element (includes physical).
  • Resources (trace, rage, divin grace, energy).
  • Misc (sigils that fall outside of the first 2 categories).

Element Sigils

  • All element sigils have the same fixed enchants for each slot.
  • I (1) will always have fixed atk + elemt dmg.
  • It’s recommended to go 1 3 5 to minmax on offensive enchants.

Resources Sigils

  • All resources sigils have the same fixed enchants for each slot.
  • II (2) will always have atk + basic atk dmg.
  • It’s recommended to go 2 4 6 to minmax on offensive enchants.

The 3rd type of sigil is Misc

  • These sigils vary wildly which fixed stats that have on each slot.
  • A good rule of thumb is most if not all chrs only use misc sigils once they hit omega rank.
  • There a quite alot of misc sigils so I will not go over them.

Let’s go over a few things for late game

S to sss chr can only get the set effect of sigils when holding 3 of the same type of sigils.


Once your chr hits omega rank they can use set effects by only holding 2 of the same type of sigil.


Keep in mind that how you build and which slots you use can vary from build to build.

The intended goal

Enchanting will generally make or break a dps chr overall performance as stated getting 8886 for dps is the goal ALWAYS with the standard build

  • 1 3 5 element
  • 2 4 6 resources

You get a stat line of

  • 4 atk
  • 1 crit rate
  • 1 crit dmg
  • 2 element

You now have 24 slots to get

  • 4 atk
  • 7 crit rate
  • 7 crit dmg
  • 4 element

Which leaves you with 2 free enchant slots.

This can be expanded apon with Sss as it gives you +1 to each enchant type not slot but type

Give you

  • 5 atk
  • 2 crit rate
  • 2 crit dmg
  • 3 elemt

Same thing you have 24 slots to get

  • 3 atk
  • 6 crit rate
  • 6 crit dmg
  • 3 elemt

Which leaves you with 6 free enchant slots.

Skills such as skill dmg are helpful but it’s generally best to get 8886 before you start to work on other enchants.

And lastly do keep in mind that since misc sigils type vary wildly with fixed stats it’s better check before you commit to use them in your build.

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