Aether Gazer – Ying Zhao Character Guide

Guide to Ying Zhao Character

By Kulao

  • S-Rank DPS Tianyuan Modifier
  • Element: Wind
  • Resources: Divine Grace
  • Precise Banner Unit

Team Choices:

  • YingZhao + Luliang + Lingguang OR YingZhao + Luliang + GengChen.

A general build for Blue Code you can refer to if you are just here for the builds. Will dive into further details later.

Skills Kit

Basic Attack

When at least 5 DG: Normal Dodge (ND) gives Enhanced skill and Directional Dodge (DD) gives skill Variation. Consumes 5 DG or all if less than 5 when using Enhanced skill or skill Variation. When you enter stage you will notice 2 marks above Zhao’s hp bar, it glows white meaning you did ND, and it glows green when you do DD. Do note at the start of the stage just doing ND won’t give Enhanced because you need 5 DG at least, that’s the rule. The same goes with DD but in addition to 5 DG it requires you to use a skill first because Variation is activated based on what skill you most recently used.

Enhanced is for the next skill you are going to use and Variation is for skills that you have recently used. Like having 6 different versions of skills. Another thing to note is that Zhao’s Functor changes how Variation is activated by no longer needing 5 DG requirement and no longer consumes 5 DG for using skill Variations, also allowing three skill Variations to coexist at the same time instead of only one at a time.

Do note that the Variation/Enhanced does not expire, lasting forever unless you consume it. When DG is full using any skill, it doesn’t matter if it’s Enhanced or Variation you can enter Godly state with 30% ATK buff, 30% decrease damage taken, 2s cd reduction to S1/S2/S3 and Super Armor. Casting Enhanced or Variation no longer consumes 5 DG and DG gain rate is -1000%, not even ME-YOW cat can help you. Generally, all S1/S2/S3 CD are 8s with Godly it’s now 6s, and Godly state lasts for 10 seconds. So the idea to play Zhao is to get max DG and reenter Godly state 90% of the fight.

Skill 1 & Skill 2

How Enhanced and Variations works with skills is that all skills generally are in a normal state, doing ND can buff any skill you are going to cast, but it’s only once at a time, you gonna need to re-do ND to Enhance another skill. Every Enhanced buffs the skill with more damage and gives Super Armor whilst casting. Meanwhile, Variation is a different version of that skill so that’s why I said 6 versions of skills. All Variations have lower damage than its Enhanced ones and just a damage skill, but it is spammable~ because it doesn’t have a CD unlike Enhanced/normal skill. Ex: S1>DD> Variation activated on S1, consume it and DD>S1>DD>S1>repeatedly.

The only limit is how fast you can tap it and skill animation, dodge gauge and if you don’t have her Functor you gonna have DG issues. So, skill 1, only thing that is worth to note is that Enhanced S1 gives 10 DG on each hit, the skill hit 3x so 30 DG. ND S1 = Free 30DG IF all hit landed on the enemy, if you miss, why did you miss? Meanwhile S2 is a charged attack, NDS2 is just an instant max charge.

“Spamming seems fun~ Good news the Blue Code is made for spamming playstyle”

Skill 3 & Dodge Skill

Skill 3 has the most damage % multiplier compared to all other skills whether Enhanced or Variation. Note that Enhanced S3 which is ND S3, can refill dodge meter by 10% on every hit, if you can minmax its usage well you can cut off some dodge related enchants for other damage related ones. DD is a dodge that deals damage, attack while dodging. Meanwhile, ND is literally a normal one tap dodge backward without direction. But both of these are dodges, so both of the methods can trigger Perfect Dodge which then activates the dodge skill effects.

How to Perfect Dodge DD? Literally, dodge sideways, front or anywhere when the enemy is close to hitting you like how you do with other units. Zhao does not trigger zero time when doing perfect dodge but the point that we care about is just the Dodge Attack skill that can be used by tapping basic attack after a perfect DD/ND. 2 more extra attack skill kit she has. Dodge Attack skill DD is superior because it has faster animation and is less likely to miss, but the ND one makes you stay at one spot with a lengthy animation. This is a very important mechanic for Yellow Code.

[Dodge Attack ND multiple punch] [Dodge Attack DD jump and spin]

Like other dodge effects it has CD

Ultimate & Ultimate Skillchain

Get Luliang. You want the Coin buff. Ultchain isnt main damage dealer for Zhao but you just want the Coin buff.

Lucky Coin effect: Summons 1 Lucky Coin that follows the mod lasting 12s. Up to 1 Lucky Coin can follow each mod. Lucky Coin increases Wind DMG of the mod it follows by 33%. When the followed mod lands a hit, the Lucky Coin will launch a joint attack and briefly gathers the enemy, dealing Wind DMG equal to 93.6% of ATK in total. The joint attack can be triggered once every 2s, and it also reduces the Wind RES of enemies it hits by 18% for 3s.

With Red Code: Lucky Coin now follows all mods, joint attack triggers once every 1s, whenever followed mod cast skills the Instantaneous DMG of Wind attacks increase by 18% for 4s, stackable 5 times and finally increases Instantaneous DMG Lucky Coin joint Attack by 30%.

Sigils & Enchants

New wind sigil effect

  • Increase Wind DMG by 10%.
  • Increase Instantaneous Skill DMG of Wind Skills by 20% on hit.

For sigils that is the only build for Zhao. The old wind sigil Gale Sovereign’s 2nd effect of increasing wind damage base on skill cd wouldn’t work well with Zhao because remember when I said skill Variations dont have cd, apparently when your skills turns into Variation, the skill that were previously in cd would be considered as not in cd. With Zhao playstyle of spamming Variations you can’t minmax the 2nd part of Gale Sovereign sigil effectively compared to the new wind sigil. But if you missed your chance on obtaining the new wind sigil which is a limited sigil, you can use Ambush of the Owl 135 + Acheron’s Obol 246 instead.

Note for Acheron sigil: when consuming DG gives crit dmg buff, in godly state the buff will always be active so no reason to use other DG sigils.

For enchants if you can get the usuals 8 fierce assault, 8 berserk, 8 enraged that would be great, try and get as high crit rate and crit damage as you can before focusing on wind damage enchant. The dodge enchants you can get are Nimbleness: reduces dodge energy cost and Bouncing Back: speeds up dodge energy recovery. Only focus on these two for dodge enchants, You can go with just lv2 on both. Flash Step which increases max dodge energy is not needed.

For Loopback ult charge this is an option, it would be good to have but I prefer to use loopback on just Luliang instead so I can focus remaining enchants on other damage enchants. So up to choice. After considering all this you can go for skill damage enchants if you have extra slots left. Even though Zhao’s skill 2 is a charge attack, it is not needed. So you can skip that one.

Functor and Warps

Zhao functor effect: 3 Skill Variations can now exist simultaneously. Skill Variations no longer need 5 DG to activate or cast. S1/S2/S3 and their Variations have their base DMG increased by 12% (+6% per Transc). After evading, self independent DMG increases by 5% (+2.5% per Transc), lasting 6s.

Signature Functor for Zhao is a MUST. Otherwise you will encounter plenty of issues such as insufficient DG and interrupting your combo rotations. Since her functor does not scale much when transcending, it is not necessary to push it higher, this is in comparison to other dps unless you really like this modifier like I do, then you can commit your transcendence cubes for her. But does Zhao need a higher rank like SS or more? As any other main dps like Jinwu or Meng, SS is the appropriate rank to have, but even with just S rank her performance isn’t in the shitty tier. There’s a limit to how high she can reach but sadly it isn’t as high as Jinwu or Izanami. But at the very least you must get her functor. SS is optional.

For warps just follow the above if BLUE CODE. But if you are using YELLOW CODE, you can change slot 3/4 Skill 2 LVL warp to Unfetter. I would also recommend Savage warp more because it’s very easy to get hit with Zhao, all her Enhanced skills have Super Armor buff, if you play her well you will most likely just tank the damage which is good with savage warp.

Divine Senses warp is actually optional with YELLOW CODE if you can follow the rotation I will tell about later so you can choose other warp that can work instead, like ult level warp or ult dmg warp but Skill 3 lvl warp is preffered with YELLOW CODE. For Armor Break warp, if it’s a team of Luliang+Ling, without Luliang’s Functor, no one in the team can trigger Armor Break so it’s useless. But with Gengchen in the team, with BLUE CODE you can use Armor Break warp, but if it’s YELLOW CODE, you will need to use Skill 3 LVL warp if you follow my cooked rotation, so either you swap out Divine Senses warp for Armor Break warp/any other warp or just keep Divine Senses.

Generally, Ling is the best 3rd unit compared to Geng. Just the usual warp for Ling or Geng, but note for Luliang it is recommended to use Unfetter LV6 and Skill 3 level or Ult Damage for slot 5/6 either LV6 or LV3, depending whether you are using Trace Tracking LV3 or not.

Skill Rotations


  1. Normal Dodge (ND) = Enhanced/White

When not in Godly State Requires 5 DG to activate Enhanced, and consumes 5 DG to cast the Enhanced skill

  1. Directional Dodge (DD) = Variation/green

When not in Godly State Requires 5 DG to activate Variation, and consumes 5 DG to cast the skill Variation. But if you have Zhao’s Functor, the requirement and consumption of DG is no longer being applied for Variation. Recall again you will need to use a skill first at the start of a stage to actually activate skill Variation.

  1. Perfect Casting is only a mechanic in Blue Code
  2. All Skills CD outside Godly is 8s (Already minus Casting Duration).
  3. With Blue Code Godly lasts 10s, All Skill CD in Godly is 6s.
  4. With Yellow Code Godly lasts 20s, All Skill CD in Godly is 6s.
  5. With Red Code Godly lasts 10s, S2/S3 Skill CD in Godly is 6s, S1 Skill CD in Godly is 4s. 8)NDS1 = Enhanced S1 passive can give 10 DG on each hit, it has 3 hits so 30 DG. 9)NDS3 = Enhanced S3 passive recovers 10% Dodge energy on every hit.
  6. Use ult chain whenever available. For Ling or Geng ult preferred to use before entering Godly, otherwise just use whenever available.
  7. All skill rotations suggested below this are considering that YingZhao have her signature Functor, if you don’t have her signature you may not be able to do every rotation perfectly when outside of Godly state, just add some basic attack in between the combo to consider the cost of activating and casting Variations, in addition you also cannot save Variation as only one can exist at a time if you don’t have her signature Functor.

Blue Code Rotation

When DG 0:

Basic > ND> Perfect Cast S1 > ND > Perfect Cast S3 > Basic till DG max or use Perfect Cast S1 again. (To trigger Perfect Cast just do ND, wait until Zhao light blink, then immediately use skill) Enter Godly with NDS2 > DDS2 > spam DDS2 repeatedly until Godly ends. Repeat rotation from DG 0. We start with Basic because to trigger NDS1 which is Enhanced S1 needs 5 DG and consumes 5 DG when you cast the Enhanced S1.


Basic > ND > PCS1 > ND > PCS3 > Basic/PCS1 > Enter Godly NDS2 > DDS2 > DDS2 > DDS2 > DDS2 > DDS2 Exit Godly > Repeat

Very straightforward, easy to do, With Blue Code DDS2 in Godly, becomes Perfect Cast NDS2 attack which is the instant max charge attack but will always be Perfectly Casted. Within 10s of Godly you can spam DDS2 around 6 times. It is wise to note that you need to make sure when outside Godly, all Perfect Cast of NDS1/NDS3 attacks must hit the enemy to gain DG well. Do not miss each hit because NDS1 passive gains 10 DG for each hit which is 3 in total, so 30 DG, with Tier 1 Blue code it adds an extra 5 DG for each hit of any ND+Skill, so you can get 40 DG with NDS1 (Minus 5 for DG consume to cast Enhanced Skill). Then you continue gaining DG with Perfect Cast NDS3 and Basic until DG is max or you can use Perfect Cast NDS1 again.

Why I didn’t suggest using NDS2 to gain DG is because NDS2 only hits twice which only gives 10 DG at most not to mention you consume 5 DG to use ND+Skill so you only get 5 DG. Which isn’t optimal, so Basic attack and Perfect Cast NDS3 does a better job at gaining DG than Perfect Cast NDS2.

But beware of Blue Code T2 effect which is whenever you do a Perfect Cast of ND+Any Skill, using Basic Attack will trigger Dodge Attack DD, it can help with giving damage but Dodge Attack in Blue Code does not provide any DG so it will only make it slower for you to reenter Godly. Also, to note since the rotation plays around DDS2 nuke, like Hel you would want high crit rate and crit damage enchant.

Yellow Code Rotation

Yellow code Tier 1 effects make each hit of Dodge Attack give 10 DG whether ND or DD. Recall what Dodge Attack is from Dodge skill effect. Tier 2 code when you do DDS1, DDS2, DDS3 at least once each then Basic, will also trigger the ND Dodge Attack. So these are two important things that help fast DG gain. It is possible to trigger this Dodge Attack twice from Tier 2 code effect and Perfect Dodge.

If not using Divine Senses warp:

Basic until enemy is going to attack, then:

[Perfect dodge using ND > Basic to trigger Dodge Attack > S1 which is Enhanced> DD > Basic till max DG] OR [Perfect dodge DD>Basic to trigger Dodge Attack> NDS1>DD>Basic till max DG]

This is for starting the stage without starting DG warp, you must do Perfect Dodge at the start, if you fail you waste time, the whole purpose is to enter Godly fast enough at the start. If you equip LV6 Divine Senses then you can just do [NDS1>DD].

During Godly there are 3 ways to follow:

  1. My Cooked Rotation:

After the starting setup, you will have Variation S1, do not use it.

Enter Godly with NDS3 > DDS3 > spam DDS3 until CD of S3 ends, then NDS3 >DDS3 spam again, when DG is 20 or less do NDS2> DDS2 exit Godly > S1 use that saved

Variation > Basic to Dodge Attack > NDS1 > DD > Basic till DG is max > Repeat from Enter Godly with NDS3.


Enter Godly NDS3 > DDS3 > DDS3 > DDS3 > DDS3 > DDS3 > NDS3 > DDS3 > DDS3 > DDS3 > DDS3 > DDS3 > NDS3 > NDS2 > DDS2 Exit Godly > S1 > Basic to Dodge Attack > NDS1 > DD > Basic > Repeat From Enter Godly NDS3.

This method takes consideration in 20s Godly state, what the best skill to use for minmax damage, along with how long each skill animation lasts as well as to regain DG when exiting Godly to continue the rotation. Note that you may exit Godly while doing NDS2 or DDS2 depending on how fast you can do the combo. If you are fast enough like I did you can even do 6x DDS3 by the time NDS3 ends its CD.

Another tip, if during those combos you are able to trigger Perfect Dodge unintentionally, when Godly ends tap Basic once to see if you can do Dodge Attack or not then continue with the use of Variation S1 then Basic for the other method to trigger Dodge Attack. One more thing to note is that when using DDS2, make sure the DD actually aim and hits the enemy, T3 Yellow Code gives crit rate buff upon hitting an enemy, 2% per hit, stackable 10 times, reducing one stack every 0.8s, so you want to minmax the crit rate so that each DDS2 and every attack throughout the rotation can gain benefits from the crit rate buff, since DD is a fast multiple hit dodge that can deal damage.

For the other 2 ways of using Yellow Code

  1. Unga-Bunga button mash however you want during Godly method

To reenter Godly do [Perfect Dodge ND/DD> Basic to Dodge Attack > NDS1 > Basic till max DG] or anything to gain DG.

  1. General Rotation method:

NDS1 > DDS1 > NDS2 > DDS2 > NDS3 > DDS3 > Repeat till Godly Ends. If you did not use Basic during this time you can activate Tier 2 code effect to trigger Dodge Attack with Basic to regain DG and just follow up with NDS1, if you are not following My Cooked Rotation, you don’t need to save Variation S1. You can also do Perfect Dodge for Dodge Attack to gain fast DG.

Final thoughts, Cooked > General > Unga-Bunga.

Cooked can easily surpass Blue code, General can perform similar or better if everything goes well meaning each attack hits and you do the combo consecutively without time lag. Unga-Bunga can give random results.

Red Code Rotation

I didn’t actually plan to do Red Code rotation, but why not? If anyone wants to use Red Code for fun.

Things to do first when using Red Code:

Change Executioner warp on slot 1/2 with Skill 1 LVL warp. You can also change Skill 2 LVL warp to Telephatize Forcefield I for slot 3/4 and Skill 3 LVL warp to anything or just keep using Skill 3 LVL.

When DG 0:

Basic to gain DG > NDS1 > DDS1 > Basic until CD of NDS1 ends then > NDS1 > DDS1 again, keep doing until max DG.

Enter Godly with NDS2 or NDS3, if CD for NDS1 has ended, then enter with NDS1 then > DD+The skill that you use to enter Godly with > always use [NDS1 > DDS1] whenever available, during CD, use NDS2 + DDS2 or NDS3 or DDS3 (doesn’t matter the order of which skill you use first during CD) but always prioritise [NDS1 > DDS1] whenever available. Keep repeating until exits Godly > Repeat from when DG 0. Though, if you are fighting against mobs, use NDS1 > DDS1 combo strategically to knockback them against each other.


Basic > NDS1 > DDS1 > Basic > NDS1 > DDS1 > Enter Godly (NDS2 or NDS3 or NDS1) > DD+Skill recently used > [ (NDS1 + DDS1 when not in CD) > (NDS2 + DDS2 or NDS3 + DDS3 when S1 in CD) repeat this step in Godly ] > Exit Godly Repeat from Basic.

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