After The Fall – FPS Boost Mod

You can get a lot better performance with the MD FidelityFX SuperResolution Mod for VR.

How to Boost FPS


  1. Download.
  2. Put it on:
    C:\Steam\steamapps\common\After The Fall\AfterTheFall_Data\Plugins\x86_64
  3. Backup the original “openvr_api.dll” file.
  4. Launch the game.
  5. Done.


If you need more performance:

  • In settings change the resolution to 0.90.


  1. I confirm, thanks to this mod I play on ultra settings. Fps always 80, frame time 8-10ms.
    ryzen 2700, nvidia 2060. SS 260%
    I have so :
    Rednder Scale 60%
    Sharpness 90%
    Radius 1

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