Against the Storm – All Prestige Difficulty Modifier List

List of All Prestige Difficulty Modifiers

  1. +4 Reputations to win (14->18). Simply fulfilling all orders will not win you the game. You will need other sources of reputation.
  2. Blightrot +50% corrupting power (+60 -> +90 each pop), press z to see corruption overlay, by the time you see “high corruption” warning it could be too late.
  3. Blueprint reroll starts at 10 amber (up from 0).
  4. Faster leave coutdown when resolve <= 0. Building costs +50%, this is where can’t mass spam cutters/gathers and have to juggle between different building or look out for parts. +50% chance to consume double food. +50% chance to consume double luxury item. Glade event -33% speed, you are looking at 7min 30seconds for a typical dangerous glade event. One Living matter will cause famine and you will learn to appreciate Sea Marrows Your items worth 50% less to traders, This is where traderoute starts to be more effective and Traders cannot be used as jail out card for free. You need specialize in trade to benefit Blightrot +50% corrupting power (+90 -> +120) 6 blightrots will kill your villagers.
  5. Orders are harder.
  6. -2 Blueprint choices (4 ->2).
  7. -2 Cornerdstone choices (4->2).
  8. 50% less Impatient deduction from reputation gain(1 -> 0.5), this is where +30 second final countdown upgrade start to mean something.
  9. Storm lasts +100%(2 min) more (2 -> 4). this also buffs blightrot effect tho you have longer time to respond.
  10. One less starting blueprint draws (3->2).
  11. +100% hunger resolve penalty.
  12. Sacrificing costs 50% more.
  13. The moment you opening any glade costs 5 amber, fail to pay you lose 2 villagers(and impatience penalty).
  14. +0.5 impatience penalty per lost villagers.
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  1. IMO most of them are annoying but the worst offender is P19: 5 amber per glade or you lose 2 villagers. Not only it make the meta extremely conservative and stale, they are simply annoying to play with.

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