Against the Storm – Food Guide (How Don’t Starve)

This guide explain what you can do to not just starve and feel like you might as well just stay on the easy mode forever.

Guide to Food

It depends on what map you are playing on. Some have more or less farm land, others have food ressources (like mushroom) in the trees. Knowing the map is the first step to answer that question.

The second step would be increasing the production of raw food, Depending on what you gather having the right building and the right workers will help. For example you can gather eggs with scavengers camp or you can gather them with trappers camp and lizard workers which will give 10% chance for double yield. Another way to increase raw food production is via perks. There are perks that increase planting and harvesting speed or perks that increase the number of items you get from a gathering/production cycle, some only increase the number by one others by one for each X number of gathered items.

The last step would be to make complex meals. Complex meals give a bonus to moral but more important you normaly get more food out than what you put in.

Lastly: Keep an eye on negative effects, during storm and dangerous glade events dangerous effects happen and some of them can destroy food or lead to double consumption by your workers.

I would advise to play lower difficulties when you do not know the map yet (Royal woodlands, marshland, coral forest or orchard) and until you are somewhat comfortable with how to produce food.

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