Against the Storm – How to Get Missing Resources

Guide to Get Missing Resources

Click on the resource requirements and it will show alternatives you can use.

You should have trade post when dealing with glade event, it’s better to pay some markup than tank the penalty to the face.

Almost every resource dialog allows you to either change the resource you use or select one or more from set of resources to use.

This is pretty critical thing to do, since it helps avoid wasting scarce resources and/r focusing consumption on stuff you overproduce.

As an example, by default you make Bricks from Clay IIRC. However, you might want to use Stone instead, since Clay can be used to make Pottery, which in turn is used in making of Wine and the pickled stuff beavers eat.

Before opening Dangerous and especially Forbidden glades it is good idea to make sure you have at least some of the most common resources used to solve glade events.

Every product or item requirement needs resources. Those resources are shown with either a circle or a square border. Square bordered items cannot be changed and do not allow for alternative resources. If you see a square bordered clay icon for instance.. You need clay. Circled bordered items, and you will also notice an arrow that spins when you highlight the icon… Have multiple alternatives to the requirement. Clicking on the circled icon.. As mentioned above.. Will bring up a radial of alternative options to complete the same result.

This is also important to remember… When crafting items you might not have the default icon/resource for. You probably could still craft the item you wanted. Using an alternative resource by opening up the radial and seeing what else could work.

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