Against the Storm – Tips for Turning In Orders

Tips for Orders

Depends on the situation.

If it’s one that gives a vital reward such as more parts that I need to fund something or a permanent resolve bonus, I turn it in ASAP. Some of the ones that require X amount of an item I’ll do the same if I’m worried about villagers or my own lack of attention cause me to not be able to fulfill it later.

For other orders that don’t give much of use besides the Reputation I save them to use either in a rush at the end to win, to lower impatience if I’m close to capping out (hasn’t happened yet but I’m just starting to do prestige), or if I need one more point for a blueprint that will (hopefully) help enable a lot of other production.

Maybe not the most useful, but I feel you have to weigh the cost of lowering impatience (9/10 times lower in impatience is a cost) against the rewards from winning and the only reputation points that matter are the ones that win or get blue prints, it’s not like high reputation gives bonus resolve or slows impatience on its own after all.

Way I see impatience is it takes a while to build without doing things to actively increase it (thus shortening your overall timer), it’s better to let it build some. Even if I don’t need that 15 hostility reduction right now, later in it may be the difference between keeping a woodcutter in or not during the storm or having a breakpoint to increase reputation through resolve.

Also on people, I’ll usually look for people from early Year 1-2 turn ins since I find that often I’m struggling for people as opposed to work to do or lack of resources early on and I view it as pushing up a caravan to an earlier period because I just won’t take one later on if I have the people already. It just gets the ball rolling faster.

If I’m on year 5 or later I just won’t turn in people ones basically ever unless it wins. By the time I’m at around 20-25 people, certainly 28 so I can maintain a T2 and T4 hearth, I feel no particular need to get more people since I’m likely to already have a few standing around without a whole lot to do besides give me an even deeper stockpile of random things I already have tons of at least sometime.

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