Age of Empires IV – How to Beat Any Test of Strength Fast and Easy

Title says it all.

Guide to Beat Any Test of Strength in Exactly 3 Minutes Without Any Skill Required

Game Settings

  • Create custom game.
  • Starting Age: Age IV
  • Starting Resources: High
  • Fog of War: Revealed
  • Map: Micro Arabia

Pick any civ for AI except Abbasid. Start the game.

In Game

  • Five starting workers build five Siege Workshops simultaneously. Each builds his own. Sixth starting worker builds two Houses.
  • Produce five Cannons from Siege Workshops, one Cannon from each Siege Workshop.
  • Select your cannons and right-click on enemy Town Center.

That’s all. No matter what difficulty your AI is, you don’t need any input from that point. Bot will either try to build a Castle (too late) or burn one of your cannons with a couple of his units (will fail at that as well).


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