Age of Empires IV – How to Clear Hotkey Selections

With your armies, you set groups with CTRL + 1-9. Is there a way to clear this so you can assign new groups? Probably yes.

Guide to Clear Hotkey Selections


  • If you select nothing and then assign the group, it erases whatever was already in that group.
  • Unselect any thing you have selected and then press ctrl+1-9 or whichever you want to remove the control group, if that makes sense.

What if you only want to remove one unit from that control group?

  • Hold down shift and click either on a unit in the field or in the unit selection menu UI to remove the unit. Then press Ctrl+[number] again to save your change.

Note: In the unit panel UI you can use shift to add/remove or Ctrl to remove every unit except the selected unit, so if you select a group and want to split off the rams click on them in the unit selection UI panel while holding Ctrl.

What if you want to add units which are not near each other to existing control group?

  • Select the group and add additional units while holding shift either by clicking on units or selection boxes. Then save the group by pressing ctrl and the number again.

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