Age of Empires IV – Tip for Beating Hardest AI 1v1

Tip for Beating Hardest AI 1v1 (Pretty Easy) for the Mastery Challenges

Play Wonder mode only + High starting resources + Age IV (Imperial). When you start, immediately have your villagers start building a wonder. Then castle yourself with full walls and build keeps as well as stone wall towers.

Right now, the AI doesn’t adapt well in this kind of scenario. They most likely will not start building a wonder at all. Even if they do, you do not have to worry about destroying theirs as long as your timer has begun first upon first completion you will win by having yours hit 0 from 15 minutes first.

In my experience, the AI even on hardest will not mount strong enough attacks to truly threaten you. A combination of archers, stone wall towers, and keeps will full upgrades (springalds & cannons) will repel their attacks. Basically, they will “let” you win even if they have a wonder and mathematically cannot win if the status quo doesn’t change. This works because the AI does not appear to have the correlative aggression for being on Hardest when playing Wonder.

You can call this an exploit, but if you’re interested in getting the rewards for the higher level masteries and are not that good at the game like me, this should work for you.

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