Age of Empires Mobile – Quick Start Guide

This guide will give you an easy and successful start in the game.

Starter Guide


  • Don’t leave your heroes idle: Your heroes should always be collecting resources.
  • Use your energy fully: Finish your daily energy and use the 50 bar energy bottle given by the game.
  • Keep your builders working: Do not leave your builders idle, always build a new building. Focus on upgrading the necessary buildings, not the whole village.
  • Don’t neglect research: Your university should always be doing research, don’t fall behind in research.
  • Don’t miss events: Event rewards are very important for your development, so keep track of them.
  • Determine your faction type: Choose heroes that fit your faction type.

Kingdom and Empire Ages

  • Join a strong alliance: Join an active and powerful alliance.
  • Choose dual heroes (town level 12): Choose your 2-way heroes in the same troop type and take into account the game’s suggestions.
  • Don’t forget to unlock higher level troops: Don’t forget to unlock higher levels of your chosen troop type.
  • Level up heroes: Raise the levels and stars of the heroes. The higher the level, the greater the military power.

Military types:

  • Cavalry > archers
  • Archers > swordsmen
  • Swordsmen > spearmen
  • Spearmen > cavalry


Plan your attacks according to the type of troops you choose. For example, gain advantage by attacking archers with cavalry, but avoid attacking spearmen.

Civilizations and types of troops:

  • Byzantium: cavalry
  • Rome: spearmen
  • China: archers
  • France: swordsmen
  • Each civilization has its own troop types and resource gathering/production buffs.

Campaign Map

  • Use strong heroes: Use your strongest hero on the campaign map and get your daily rewards.
  • Use different heroes: Use different heroes on the campaign map to earn achievements and rewards.
  • Calendar of events: It is in your best interest to follow the event calendar.

Protecting Your Castle

When you close the game at bedtime.

From citadel buff:

  • It is recommended to wear the shield for 8 hours.
  • If you are f2p or want to preserve the shield or coins, you must put on a free shield every day before going to sleep by clicking on Piece shield. A shield is prepared within two hours and continues on the castle for 5 hours and has a cooldown period of 10 hours, so the ideal time for it is every day before going to sleep.
  • Try as much as possible to leave the resources inside the bag and use them when needed so that the enemies do not loot them.
  • Don’t forget to put your best heroes to protect the castle wall by clicking on the wall, then garrison, then assign heroes.
  • Develop the guard tower to the maximum extent you can reach to cause some damage to enemies during defense.

Gathering Resources

Make Sure, that after your City hast reached Level 10, that you also Upgrade your Houses (for villagers!) And the resources gathering buildings!

After a resource buildings has reached Level 10, you can assign 4 instead of 3 villagers, which significally boost your gathering in idling.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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