Age of Wonders 4 – How to Get Endgame Quality Items

In this tome you would learn, the mystical and secretive art of finding the highest tier of gear possible!

How to Get Endgame Quality Items for Your Heroes!

So you wonna have good gear huh?

But no matter how many natural heroes you execute, they still only drop wands? I got your back!

As of the writing of this guide, there is no reliable way of gaining gear.

Sure you can:

  • Execute captured heroes
  • Sell their remains
  • Clear red camps
  • Clear wonders

But there is a limited amount of said encounters per world, drops tend to cluster in a tier 2, and moreover, those are all active methods, requiring your heroes and armies to take action.

So let me show you a better path, a golden path!

Now all you need is a bit of patience and some other NPC faction.

  • You need to reach relation of a minimum 200 positive rating (top of the screen in red circle)
  • Remember you can offer them a small gift of gold to improve your relationship by 50
  • After you reach 200 threshold new category of “items” will appear for them (second red circle)
  • Items choices will change every 10 turns, possibly sooner if you buy any of the items on offer
  • Remember you can befriend multiple factions, for multiple shopping opportunities!

Faction will offer 3 extremely powerful items usually tier 4 with occasional tier 3 in a mix

Also, it is important you can do it from the very second you befriend said faction, meaning you can possibly get game-breaking items like godbreaker on turn 10 or so!

Here are some screenshots of interesting items that you can find this way:

Hope you learned something useful reading this guide! Take care and remember, money is like spice, and it must flow!

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