Age of Wonders 4 – How to Have More Than 6 Units

How to Have More Units

There isn’t a way to bring in more than 6 army units, but there are some…workarounds? One is to invest in hero skills or units that summon others.

For example when you hit level 5, you often times (not guaranteed) can pick a special elemetan skill that summons stuff (undead, elementals, animal). It’s strong. Also t2 artificing tome unlocks a support skill you can buy for a hero called artificer assistant or something, it starts you off with a free trashy but useful iron golem in every fight.

I would generally suggest waiting to level 5 and seeing if you can get a summoning skill on your hero before trodding in there, or at the very least pick up some excellent efficient spells from tomes like the Vine t1 nature or Icy Coffin from t1 shadow ice tome. If you can do it with less than good for you but that’s just my safe starting point so to speak.

Distraction troops in your stack that dont matter if they die. Really applies to some playstyles even outside of the dungeon too.

Like someone else said:

  • Summon undead. 3 troops.
  • Summon animal 1 strong troop.
  • Summon elemental can work but unit usually isnt a tank. You can treat it like one anyway though, just not as good as the other 2

All 3 unlock able as early as lvl 5 hero skill:

  • Hoardmaster. Archer that spawns a free pet dog every battle. Doesnt mean anything if it dies tanking
  • Summon Vines. 5 distractions the AI will waste turns on killing, this spell is not so much about rooting them. Ignore caring about spells description trying to root them. Its Just to tank hits

Use vines as front line tanks each turn and the AI will be stupid enough to exhaust all attacks on killing the vines provided you place them right in front of your front line troops to block the AI from reaching you. This spell is op and broken imo

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