Age of Wonders 4 – Map Explanation



Infestation are sites that spawn hostile armies. If an Infestation is not cleared within a number of semi-random turns it will become active, expand and possibly create new armies.

Unless the World Threat realm setting was set to Passive, new armies will attack the nearest city. Provinces with an Infestation will have a glowing red border. Defeating an infestation grants significant rewards.

An Infestation

Ancient Wonders

An Ancient Wonder is a location that has to be manually explored by a single army led by a Hero, triggering a battle with a unique map layout. Depending on empire resources and affinities, it may be possible to reduce the difficulty of the battle or avoid it entirely.

Once cleared, its province can be annexed and the city will gain large bonuses. Ancient Wonders come in Bronze, Silver and Gold rarity. The rarer the Ancient Wonder, the more difficult its defending army is and the greater its rewards.


The Underground is a second layer of the map, only accessible via Underground Passages. The view between Underground and Surface can be changed by the arrows button on top of the minimap.

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