Age of Wonders 4 – Race Guide: Culture Effects / Bonuses


Each race has a culture, which determines its economy and provides a number of additional unique bonuses.


A people who thrive on war and aggression. They value strength and prefer to charge head-on into bloody battles.

  • Structures with Food and Draft income
  • +8 Blight Damage on first Melee Attack
  • Can activate the Ritual of Alacrity


A dictatorial civilization where the strong and ruthless dominate the weak. They use forbidden magics to maintain control and weaken their enemies.

  • Cities can negate City Stability income penalties
  • Unique city structures granting Knowledge and extra income from Prisons and Crypts
  • +20% Damage against units with Weakened
  • Attacking units with Weakened grants the unit Regeneration once per turn
  • -10 Alignment


A hierarchic society wherein lords, ladies, and knights reign over peasants. All stand together in battle when their fertile realm is threatened.

  • Structures with Food income
  • Units deal +20% Damage when adjacent of a unit with the same culture
  • Enables the Feudal Lord hero skills


A highly devoted society whose members strive for harmony. When threatened, however, they wield their guiding light as a weapon.

  • Structures have High Stability and Knowledge income
  • Units have +4 Spirit Damage on Base Attacks
  • Units activate any Dormant Traits
  • +10 Alignment
  • +25 City Stability if Pure Good alignment
  • +10 Food and Production per City Stability Level if Neutral alignment
  • Unit starts combat with Awakened if Pure Evil alignment


Master builders who value grand cities and strong armor, preferring a defensive attitude over an aggressive one.

  • Structures with Production income
  • Once per turn each unit gains Bolstered Defense and Bolstered resistance
  • Scout Units can Prospect in friendly or neutral provinces


A culture of scholars, driven to study every corner of the Astral Sea. They prefer to find answers through research and arcane prowess.

  • Structures with Mana income
  • Units have Attunement: Star Blades
  • Can see Astral Echoes pickups

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