Age of Wonders 4 – Retreating Explanation

What Does Retreating Do Exactly?

If you are being attacked, there’s a less than 100% chance that your units will survive the retreat. No one knows the exact % or how it is calculated.

I read a claim somewhere that your retreating units SOMETIMES take a few turns to show back up at your capital, so maybe that is what you are experiencing. But usually say if you have a scout that gets ambushed and you retreat him from the field he will just die for good.

If you were the one attacking and you retreat, all your retreating units will survive.

If they survive the retreat after being attacked then they disappear and show up at one of your nearby cities after a few turns. They still count against your hero count while they are “lost” that way. If they die, the hero slot is instantly freed up, you can hire a new hero or you can revive the dead one if you have the body.

There is a third option, the enemy can capture them and hold them in prison. I don’t 100% know what happens in this case, the enemy has never captured one of my heroes.

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