Alaskan Road Truckers – How to Fix Stuck on Foot / Save Broken

There are a couple of in-game options that may help you if you get stuck in certain situations in Alaskan Road Truckers. Since they may be buried in menus, we thought we’d call them out in case they’re of help.

Stuck on Foot / Save Broken Issues Solution

The first is if you get stuck on foot. If you’re in your truck you’ll be able to use your CB Radio to call for assistance, but if you can’t get to your truck then you’ll need help of a different kind.

Open your map in-game and choose the option to Reset Position. This should get you to safety.

Secondly, if you encounter issues with your save game – or you believe your save game has become corrupt, you can use your backup save:

  • Go to Continue menu.
  • Click “Show Backup Saves” in bottom-left corner.
  • Use Backup Save option next to the load game option.

Backup saves are created every time you complete a job, so it won’t move you back too far. Please note that if you have yet to complete a job, you will not have a backup save.

We hope these options will help people in these specific situations.

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