Alekon – Cockatune’s Music Quiz Guide

Correct answers for the music quiz if you don’t really pay attention to the music. Only three correct answers are needed to complete Cockatune’s mission.

Guide to Cockatune’s Music Quiz

Music Quiz

  • When have you heard this song playing while traversing the Realm of Fiction?
  • Correct answer: When a fiction is teaching me something new.
  • Wich instrument carries the melody in this song?
  • Correct answer: Guitar.
  • Wich fiction will dance to this music within the Snowdrop Slopes?
  • Correct answer: Waltok.
  • In Glimmerick Grove, during which weather event will this song play?
  • Correct answer: When it rains.
  • When do you hear this music play?
  • Correct answer: When Japley is scoring my pictures.
  • Where do fictions go to hear this song?
  • Correct answer: Jo’keel’s Comedy Club.
  • Where did you first hear this song?
  • Correct answer: When I played a tune for Grumbo.
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