Alien Rage – Unlimited – How to Obtain Hoarder Achievement

This guide aims to help you unlock Hoarder achievement.

Hoarder Achievement Guide


  • Find all weapons

I was finally able to unlock all the weapons achievements. My bug was that even if I had picked all the weapons in the game, my Hoarder count was blocked at 7/8. After hours of exploring and trying stuff in the game, it turns out that they have to be picked in a very particular order!

Here’s how I fixed the issue:

  1. Make a backup of your SaveData folder
    Location: Documents\My Games\AlienRage\SinglePlayer\AFEARGame
  2. Delete the SaveData folder
  3. Start a new game (Challenging Difficulty preferably)

This way, you’ll be able to start the weapon count from the start and eventually get the weapons in the right order. It’s very important that you follow precisely this guide, do not pickup any weapon before what’s written down there.

You’ll have to pickup the 8 weapons in this very order:

Warning! Do not pickup the other weapons before the mentionned level, if you do you’ll have to delete your savegame.

Vorus Ion Rifle – Level: Infiltration (1)

You’ll have to pickup the Vorus Ion Rifle on the first Warrior you kill (first enemy).

Vorus Blaster – Level: Infiltration (1)

You’ll have to pickup the Vorus Blaster on the first duo of Grunts you see (the first one doesn’t have a weapon).

Human Shotgun – Level: Infiltration (4)

You’ll have to pickup the shotgun in the starting area, just before blowing up the wall.

Minigun – Level: Infiltration (4)

You’ll have to pickup the Minigun from the enemy shooting at you from the small building.

Rocket Launcher – Level: Escape (5)

You’ll have to pickup the Rocket Launcher located in the platform you can see in the screenshot.

SMG – Level: Escape (5)

You’ll have to pickup the SMG immediately on the right after extending the bridge.

Vorus Plasma Arc – Level: Gateway (11)

You’ll have to pickup the Plasma Arc on the first Elite enemy you’ll see, make sure that you finish the level.

Sniper rifle – Level: Escape (5)

You’ll have to pickup the Sniper at this location

I came up with that list after hours of testings, trying different combinations in order to unlock this achievement. Please stick to the list, do not pickup the weapon before the mentionned location here.

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