American Truck Simulator – Buffalo Bill Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Buffalo Bill Achievement


So, this achievement is pretty RNG based but its much easier with this small guide. It’s a bit expensive but its working properly.

First of all you have to purchase every garage in Wyoming but its much better if you own the garages close to Wyoming, because this garages are very good fast travel points for a cheap price.

It will cost like 300-500 dollars if you travel between them. After this you have to buy a trailer which you can use to take Live Cattle. It cost you 67240 dollar.

When you use this trailer you have at least 6 or 8 options around the state. Now you have to deliver the Live Cattle to the Bushnell farms in Wyoming.

Dont forget that only Riverton (Bushnell) and Sheridan (Bushnell) counts. If you damage the cargo or you get any kind of fine then just reload the last automatic save file and you dont have to worry about it.

Hopefully you find it useful.

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