Amnesia: The Bunker – 100% Achievements / Trophies Guide

List of achievements / trophies for Amnesia: The Bunker, including the hidden ones.

Story Related Achievements / Trophies

You will earn these achievements as you play through The Bunker.

Gave the All Clear
“Released the emergency lockdown.”

Story-related. Cannot be missed. In order to release the emergency lockdown, you will need the Lockdown Wheel, which is found in J Delisle’s locker.

“Heard the message on the radio.”

Story-related. Cannot be missed. The message on the radio will be the Arsenal Code and can be found inside Soldiers Quarters, which can be accessed after releasing the emergency lockdown.

“Found the Cutters.”

Story-related. Cannot be missed. The message on the radio will be the Arsenal Code and can be found inside Soldiers Quarters, which can be accessed after releasing the emergency lockdown.

“Retrieved the Foreman’s dogtag.”

Story-related. Cannot be missed. Foreman Stafford’s dog tag is found in Maintenance, which can be accessed after releasing the emergency lockdown.

“Found the Administrator’s office.”

The Administrator’s office is the central hub area that contains the first Save Lantern (and only Save Lantern on Medium/Hard), the only storage box, as well as the generator. You will enter Administration shortly after acquiring the Revolver.

Munitions Expert
“Found the Dynamite.”

Story-related. Cannot be missed.Dynamite is found in Arsenal, which will require the Arsenal Code to access.

Explosives Technician
“Found the detonator handle.”

Story-related. Cannot be missed. The detonator handle is found in the Roman Tunnels, which will require the Cutters to access.

“Finished the game.”

Story-related. Cannot be missed. You will unlock this upon completing the game.

Collectables Achievements / Trophies

List of collectables you will find through-out The Bunker:

“Retrieved every note”

There are 52 Notes to collect throughout the bunker. Some can spawn inside tables, but destroying these tables will make the Notes drop to the floor, so they cannot be missed. Some will require the Cutters and the Wrench to be able to access.

“Opened all the lockers.”

There are 11 Lockers that you unlock with codes, which can be found by collecting the 20 Dog Tags throughout the bunker. The Dog Tags are in the same position every playthrough, however the names and codes on these will be random.

“Found all the maps.”

There are 5 Maps throughout the bunker, one located in each of the 5 main areas. Reading these will update the main map in Administration, so that you can refer to the full map in one place. 4 of the maps are behind locked doors that must be destroyed, either with bricks, grenades or explosive barrels.

Pack Rat
“Found all pocket bags.”

There are 7 Pocket Bags in the bunker, 3 of which are static each playthrough while the rest have multiple potential spawns. Collecting a Pocket Bag will increase your inventory space by 1, which on Easy will allow you to have a full inventory size.

Miscellaneous Achievements / Trophies

Toot Sweet
“Completed the game faster than all developers at Frictional.”

Currently it is unknown what time is required to beat to unlock this achievement because it doesn’t show in-game, but it can be unlocked with a time of 29:25. You will see your time upon completing the game, so you can use this as an indicator. Time does not appear to track when paused, but dying and continuing will add time. Therefore if you ever get attacked by the Beast, or need to retry a section, pause and quit to the main menu then load the most recent save through Load Game.

Once you have completed the game a few times, you should be pretty familiar with the game and this will be pretty manageable. Focus on getting all the Key Items and run everywhere. Save regularly in case you make a mistake, that way you can reload your previous save.

The biggest time save for the speedrun however is exploiting the fact that all the codes/dog tags are generated upon starting a new save. This means that you can go through the game at your leisure, acquiring all the codes from dog tags and noting them down, then reverting back to your previous save. By doing this, you can unlock all the lockers immediately for supplies, as well as entirely skip the Maintenance and Soldiers Quarter areas, as you will already have Foreman Stafford’s code and the Arsenal Code.

If choosing to do the speedrun normally, skipping these two areas saves around 10 minutes, so you can expect a time of around 40 minutes without skipping. The order you will want to do the areas in is Central Bunker > Maintenance > Prison > Soldier Quarters > Arsenal > Roman Tunnels.

Nope, c’est trop!
“Quit the game right as things got interesting.”

Missable! While technically missable, this is done right at the beginning of the game so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle if you miss it. Once you arrive in the Bunker, you will meet a soldier who gives you a gun. You will need to get some bullets for the gun, then when you return to the soldier he will be killed by the Beast. The moment this happens, quit out of the game to unlock the achievement. There will be an autosave at the beginning of the bunker, so if you quit too early/late, you can simply try again.

Easy Breather
“Acquired the gas mask.”

The Gas Mask is located within N Laval’s locker in Munitions Storage, which will require the code found on N Laval’s dog tag. The Gas Mask will allow you to walk through gas without taking damage.

Flint & Steel
“Acquired the lighter”

The Lighter is located within A Giraud’s locker in Munitions Storage, which will require the code found on A Giraud’s dog tag. The Lighter will allow you to light torches and petrol bombs, which in turn allows you to deal with rats and burn bodies. This item is vital for acquiring Roastmaster as you will need to burn most bodies to unlock this.

Life Preserver
“Got the cutters and locked the cell again without the German Prisoner dying.”

This can be done in the Prison after obtaining the Wrench from Foreman Stafford’s locker. Use the Wrench to go through the vent into the Warden’s Office where there will be a control panel for the 8 prison cells in front of you. The German Prisoner is located in the 3rd cell on the right. When you flick the switch to open his cell, he will start screaming, which will summon the Beast.

In order to collect the cutters without him dying, you will want to first unlock and open the door on the left side of the Warden’s Office, then flick the switch to open his cell and quickly run to it. Crouch when you reach the opening door so that you can grab the Cutters, then quickly run back and flick the switch again to close it again. If you were fast, the Beast won’t be able to get inside to kill him. This is best done on Easy difficulty as there will be a Save Lantern inside the Warden’s Office, allowing you to try this multiple times more easily.

“Discovered the beast’s nest in the chapel.”

Story-related. Cannot be missed. The Chapel is a room found with Maintenance, and you will need to enter this room to find the Pillbox Key. Simply entering the room is enough to unlock this.

“Acquired the shotgun.”

The Shotgun is acquired late into the game, deep within the Roman Tunnels. It will be dropped by the unknown man when you kill him. On Easy it should only take 2 shots with the Revolver to kill him, but keep in mind that this area is very foggy and has shadowy figures meant to throw you off, so make sure not to waste all your ammo shooting thin air. Alternatively, the Shotgun is also available inside A Fortin’s locker on any playthrough started after finishing the game once.

Toy Collector
“Acquired the rabbit doll.”

The Rabbit Doll is found inside the crater behind the Roman Tunnels, right next to a dog tag. While not required to finish the game, you will need this to unlock Sentimentalist and Toy Fanatic, plus it makes Beast Master considerably easier to do.

Beast Master
“Sent the beast back into the screaming darkness.”

This is done in the final area after using the dynamite to blow open a hole at the entrance of the bunker. You will be in a large arena with multiple bridges connecting platforms. Some of these platforms are wooden and can be broken. The Beast will attack you in this area, and you will need to defeat it before you can continue. In order to do this, blow up one of the wooden bridges while the Beast is standing on it to drop it into the depths. This is best done by throwing the Rabbit Doll onto a bridge to distract the beast, then throw a grenade to blow it up.

Pit Master
“Burnt a corpse to a nice char.”

“Hurt the beast by triggering a trap.”

Throughout the bunker are various traps set up, both as tripwires and as door traps that trigger upon opening a door. In order to do this, you will want to get the Beast’s attention, then find a tripwire and jump over it so that the Beast runs into the trap and triggers it.

“Blew up a door with a barrel.”

Throughout the bunker you can find red barrels that may spawn. These will explode when shot. Simply drag one of these in front of a door, then shoot it to blow it up.

Culinary Specialist
“Used meat to lure rats away from a corpse.”

Meat is an item that when thrown will attract all nearby rats, allowing you to reach a corpse with them attacking you. Prior to getting the Lighter this is the main way to deal with rats, so you will likely get this naturally. If you can’t find Meat, one will always spawn on the table next to where you acquire the Revolver at the beginning of the game, plus there’s also a crate full of it in the Pantry room within Maintenance.

“Lit up a fuel puddle.”

Fuel Puddles are created by pouring Fuel on the ground, and some areas of the bunker will have fuel puddles already. These can be lit on fire with a torch or petrol bomb, both of which require the Lighter to use. Alternatively, you can throw a flare on a fuel puddle to light one.

Chemical Weapon Expert
“Used gas on the beast.”

Gas comes in the form of Gas Grenades that can be thrown, and Gas Canisters that can be shot. Some tripwire traps will also have Gas Grenades, which can be used for this purpose. The best way to do this is to throw a Gas Grenade when the Beast is patrolling the area but not hunting you, then make noise to draw its attention so that it runs through the gas. Using the grenade when it is already chasing you might not work as it takes a few seconds for the gas to disperse.

Got It In One
“Completed the game without saving.”

Completing the game without saving shouldn’t be too difficult after completing the game a few times, as the game is quite short when you focus on the key items. Try not to run or make excessive noise, keep the generator fueled, and stock up on bullets, grenades and medkits. Whenever the Beast spawns, you can scare it off with a single shot from the Revolver on Easy difficulty, so always make sure your Revolver is reloaded and ready to go.

While you cannot save, the game does make 2 autosaves – one upon entering the bunker (which is immediately if you skip the opening on a repeat playthrough), and one after blowing up the dynamite before the final area. You can use this first autosave to your benefit in the event you die (or suffer a crash), as all the codes in the game will be static upon starting a playthrough. This means that if you note down the codes while playing, you can use these immediately from the first checkpoint to gather supplies and skip needing to go into Maintenance for the Foreman’s Dog Tag and into Soldiers Quarter for the Arsenal Code.

Efficiency Expert
“Never dropped nor stored an item.”

This is best done on Easy difficulty, as on Easy you will start with 9 inventory slots. Focus purely on the key items, and only collect what you need to progress. If you find yourself with a full inventory, use an item from your inventory rather than dropping it. Save regularly in case you accidentally drop an item or interact with the storage box in Administration. It is currently unknown whether simply interacting with the storage box will void the achievement or if you specifically have to store an item, but it’s best to avoid it altogether.

There are also 7 Pocket Bags throughout the bunker that are worth collecting, as each one will grant you an extra inventory space. See Pack Rat for details

“Disarmed a trap.”

In order to disarm traps, you will first need the Cutters, which are obtained in the Prison. Once you have the Cutters, equip them and approach a trap (either tripwire or door trap), then use the Cutters on the wire. Once disarmed, you can grab the grenade/flare.

“Showed the beast the bunny.”

Toy Fanatic
“Re-acquired the rabbit doll.”

After acquiring the Rabbit Doll from the crater in Roman Tunnels, spawn the Beast and throw the Rabbit Doll on the floor between you. He will approach it and inspect it for a few seconds, then take it and run away. This will unlock Sentimentalist. Now head into Maintenance and go to the Chapel. The Rabbit Doll will be sitting on the altar, simply pick it up again to acquire this achievement.

“Escaped the bunker.”

Story-related. Cannot be missed. You will unlock this upon completing the game.

“Burnt a lot of dead bodies.”

In order to burn bodies, you will first need the Lighter, which is found inside A Giraud’s locker. With the Lighter, you can either pour fuel on a body and burn it with a torch (this will hurt you), or light and throw petrol bombs to burn them. You can burn any body that you collect a Dog Tag from, so there are quite a few to burn. You will need to burn ~12 bodies to unlock this. Rats may count for this too, as for me this unlocked upon burning the rats in the Pantry in Maintenance, and these rats are feeding on cheese rather than a corpse.

Upon completing the game you will see a statistic for how many bodies you have burned, so you can always make a save and then complete the game to see how many you have burned.

“Opened every vent and cut every chain.”

In order to open vents and cut chains, you will need to acquire the Wrench and Cutters, respectively. The Wrench is inside Foreman Stafford’s locker, and the Cutters are inside a cell in the Prison. There are 7 Vents (2 already open) and 6 Chains for you to open, and these mostly give you access to optional rooms with extra collectibles.

“Blew open a door with a shotgun.”

Once you acquire the shotgun, simply shoot a door to destroy it.

“Blasted a rat with a shotgun.”

Once you acquire the shotgun, simply shoot a rat to kill it.

Cut It Off
“Blocked the beast’s path out of a hole.”

Throughout the bunker are holes in the walls, these holes are where the Beast will spawn from when it enters the area. These holes can be blocked with either heavy wooden boxes or gas canisters (regular wooden barrels won’t stop him). Find a room with only one hole, then block it off. Once blocked, start making noise in that room (shoot, use grenades, run around, use the flashlight) until he tries to spawn. He won’t always use the nearest hole, so you may need to try this a few times to get it.

Extreme Ratter
“Blew up lots of rats with a single grenade.”

You will need to kill a group of 5 rats with a single grenade to unlock this. Several of the bodies around the bunker will have enough rats feeding on them to unlock this. Alternatively, you can use meat to lure a group of rats, then throw a grenade.

Got Introduced
“Survived first encounter with the beast.”

When the Beast spawns and attacks you, you will need to scare it off to earn this. This is best done by shooting it with the Revolver or using a grenade/making it trigger a trap. This may not necessarily need to be on the first encounter with it, as if you either die or escape the Beast without attacking it, you should be able to do it the next time you encounter it.

Shell Shocked
“Shot at the visions in the tunnels.”

Once inside the Roman Tunnels, you will enter a foggy area with an unknown man talking to you and shadowy figures walking around. Kill the unknown man to acquire his shotgun, then shoot at one of the shadowy figures with the shotgun. Using the revolver does not seem to unlock this, you need to use the shotgun.

Croix de Guerre
“Unlock all of the achievements in Amnesia: The Bunker (no DLC required).”


  1. “Signalman” is actually kinda missable. I didnt get it due to the gen running out of fuel, but a heard the code. Code still worked but achievement didnt proc.

  2. I managed to get the “Shell Shocked” achievement with the revolver. It seems you either have to shoot multiple shadows or a specific one, I can’t really tell.

  3. Damn so you CAN save the prisoner… I was trying to scare the monster off with explosives but I guess the monster is scripted to come back immediately every time you open that door. :/

  4. The cleithrophobist achievement seems to carry across playthroughs 🙂 it just procc’ed when i opened the hidden vent in the barracks, after i forgot it in my first.

  5. When you say there are 5 maps in total, does that include the one in Admin? I can only find 4 outside of Admin.

  6. “Unlock all of the achievements in Amnesia: The Bunker (no DLC required).” – Hmm, there will be DLC I guess? Perhaps the two new difficulties are considered as DLC.

    • According to Fredrik Olsen – Creative Lead, they will release a post-launch patch with two new difficulties: Shellshocked Mode (harder, fewer resources) and Custom Mode. For the time being, those would be the only major additions for the game, unless they announce some sort of story-based DLC in the coming months.

      • I’m hopeful they will release some new story DLC. But, I’m just not sure if the upcoming new difficulties would be counted as DLC or Update. They added new difficulty in SOMA but called it more as Update than DLC.

  7. The description of “Shell Shocked” is wrong. It unlocks after damaging 3 visions with any kind of gun.

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