Ancient Gods – How to Use Ice Magic (Heimdall / Cryromancer)

Simple guide for use ice magic.

Guide to Use Ice Magic

Basic Intro

Cryromancer is one of cards deck which have ability to control your opponent and flow of battle.

If you use it right opponent can’t hit you even once in battle.

And Heimdall might be the bast combination in this case with:

  • Outstanding 12 water spirit which is main attack attribute in this deck.
  • Innate ability to gain Reflect buff on himself after 3 Freeze stack on opponent (even though I rarely use it).

Basic Info About Freeze Debuff

Freeze debuff, is heart of Cryromancer deck, this debuff have special condition to use it can apply both of you and opponent.

  • If Freeze stack is odd, then can only use defend and some support cards.
  • If Freeze stack is even, then can only use attack and some support cards.

Debuff will active only 10 or more stack number, with this you can take down tanky or high attack power opponent with ease (with some tricky opponent which can attack you whenever they play any cards)

Basic Flow of Cryromancer

This is my flow I normally play with Cryomancer deck

  • Stack up 10 Freeze debuff on opponent as fast as you can, best way is use Glacial Storm which apply 10 freeze to you and your opponent immediately.
  • Use Winter’s Curse to generate debuff.
  • (Optional) Use Aqua Prison to debuff -water resistance.
  • Attack if freeze stack is enough to do 1 hit kill with Ice Lance or Shattering Blast or use both of them if it can seal the deal in that turn.
  • Use card Snowball to force to change opponent to defend or attack.

Basic Cards List

  • Ice Lance, my main source of damage usually I will stack Freeze until it guarantee to 1 shot kill opponent (take around 3-10 turn depend on HP and water resistance).
  • Shattering Blast, my backup damage in case opponent have buff which can’t kill in 1 turn I usually use this to finish the job.
  • Ice potion, stack up Freeze debuff on yourseft, to boost damage to Ice Lance.
  • Winter’s Curse*2, debuff generator I usually use 2 with Surge gem attach to it to lean my deck as much as possible.
  • Snowball, apply 1 Freeze debuf to both you and opponent, but it can use to control action of your opponent.
  • Glacial Storm, 10 Freeze stack immediately, I attach Top Deck gem to this card to allow me control everything in 1st turn.
  • Aqua Prison, debuff your opponent with -water resistance.
  • (Optional) Crystalize / Frostbite, apply 1 Freeze debuff, can use to fix accident in case you use Snowball to switch your opponent attack/defend (I use it a lot).
  • (Optional) Blizzard, this card will increase damage base on how much frost cards is use in combat, usually use it as backup damage.


  • You can use i icon to take a look at opponent action and see effect of Freeze debuff it can help you plan your cards with this.
Written by Chimechotie

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  1. Very good guide, well written!

    This works with absolutely no investment, even at lvl 1 Heimdall. It requires no legendary cards, which can be a hassle to find sometimes.

    One of the easiest way to farm diamonds there is.

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