Angry Arrows – How to Obtain Warrior Achievement in Solo

Hardest and most frustrating achievement in my opinion. Thought I would make a quick guide to help others.

Warrior Achievement Guide



  • Reach wave 15 in the Colosseum

Spray and Pray

First of all I just want to say it’s absurd the game comes with a “controller heavily recommended” intro screen when it is 5 billion times easier to aim with a mouse so I would recommend you use M&K.

Basically the entire strategy revolves around spamming arrows for a while. I’d recommend just playing mostly normally until Wave 5, after which you head to the spot and execute the strategy. See the below screenshot.

As you can see I’ve got a 2nd character in the game. I just plugged in a controller and used that as a backup to potentially get a revive off in case I died, but this isn’t required. I then just have them both in the corner and the one next to the stone wall, I will just spam arrows off to the right and slightly down, towards the top-middle of the arena.

The enemies in this game have a serious case of what-was-that-let’s-go-check disease, and will walk straight towards where an arrow hits if they are in the vicinity. So you just keep spamming arrows and the enemy count will slowly decrease, often getting 3-5 kills in a row shot after shot. There can be some long gaps between kills but they will keep coming. Enemies will rarely (if ever) wander up to this corner. If they do you should be able to take them out without too much issue. At some point, depending on the wave you’re on the kills will stop or at least slow down a lot. At that time you’ll need to venture out to finish off the remaining enemies. Ideally you’ll have killed all the archers but that is not always the case so keep an eye out. Otherwise you just need to go kill all the metal spider things that are camped out around the arena. There can be 10+ on later waves so be prepared.

A bonus of this strategy is all the coins will be clumped in the same place. Be sure to grab them in between every wave otherwise the game will start lagging if too many coins are on the floor.

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