ANVIL – Beginners Guide

Basic Controls

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When you start the game, the game intro trailer will launch.

After it ends (or when you skip it…), the game start page will be shown like image below.

I will explain for keyboard/mouse controls.

Press Z or left click Game Play button to proceed.

Once you click, you will be sent to the main pre-game zone.

The default character, or Breaker, is Jungler, located at the center of your screen.

To move around, we use WASD.

The control can be found on the menu which you can access through the Esc button.

Season Pass

The Season Pass can be seen through the hologram floating at the bottom center of the pre-game lobby.

By going on a run, you can acquire Vaul Points (VP) to progress the Season Pass. The further you go in a galaxy, the more VP you will earn.

You can acquire Crons, Season Points, and Skins through the Season Pass. (Where these can be sued will be explained) The Season Pass will be revamped with more exciting things in the future.

Pre-game Lobby – Data

In the pre-game lobby, there are four stations you can go to: Data, Breakers, Toy Workers, and Upgrades.

In the Data station, you can check all the relics(which I will explain later), Breakers, and Weapons available in the game. It serves as a glossary for the game.

Pre-game Lobby – Breakers

In the Breakers station, you can check the different Breakers that you can choose from.

There are three different classes for Breakers: Shooter class, Fighter Class, and Technician Class.

Breakers in the same class have similar dodge skills that can be used using the space bar.

Also, different class Breakers can use only their class weapons.

Shooters can use Rifles and Shotguns, Fighters can use Axe, Hammer, Gauntlet, and Heavy Weapons, Technicians can use Handguns and Cannons.

Each Breaker starts out with a different weapon and each Breaker has a unique skill set.

For Jungler, it is the standard rifle.

For more info on the skill set of each Breaker, go to the Skills tab.

In the relic tab, you can equip relics, or in-game buffs, that you successfully replicated.

Relics can be replicated when you go on a run. If you clear the galaxy, you have a 100% chance to replicate a relic you do not own that you purchased within a run. You have a chance of replicating a relic even if you don’t clear the galaxy, and the chances are higher the further your run is.

The more Galaxies you cleared with the specific Breaker, the more relics you can equip to start out with.

In the skins tab, you can equip skins or different appearances for your Breaker. Skins can be acquired through events, progression in the Season Pass and using in-game currency Crons, the blue squares you see on top right.

Pre-game Lobby – Toy Workers

In the Toy Worker station, you can find Toy Workers, which are pets that give additional effects that you can take into the game.

The Toy Workers can be unlocked using in-game currency Crons that you can acquire through the Season Pass or through event coupons.

Pre-game Lobby – Upgrades

In the Upgrades station, you can use the Season points that you acquire through the Season Pass for stat upgrade across all Breakers.

To upgrade points at the lower end of the tree, the are stat requirements that need to be fulfilled.

Galaxy Exploration

When you go to the top station in the pre-game lobby, you can start a galaxy exploration by clicking F.

To go to second galaxy Symphonia and the third galaxy Campanella, you need to clear the previous galaxies with any Breaker.

Czerny, the first galaxy, is available as single player and multiplayer up to 2 people. We support cross platform random matchmaking, or you can play with pre-made party with a friend.

Symphonia and Campanella can be played with up to 3 people, and more maps that can be played with more people are on their way.

There are 3 tiers to relics. Tier 1 and 2 relics can be found on Czerny.

Czerny also has 5 planets that you have to clear and the run is guided.

In Symphonia, there are 7 planets and you are free to run around the map for exploration.

Campanella consists of only Boss stages.

Czery Exploration Explanation (Basic Interface, Skill Upgrade)

When you start a run and when you clear a planet, you can see the upcoming planets for exploration through the images. The ones with one monster are boss stages. The planets are random each run.

You can also check the biome of upcoming planets. For example, if the planet is red-colored, it means the planet is volcanic themed, so it could be wise to get a burn immunity relic in previous planets if you have the chance.

When you start there are many things that show your current breaker situation.

To begin with, at the bottom center is your health bar.

On top of that is your skills and the corresponding buttons for each.

When you use a skill, the image will show how long the cooldown is left.

Your auto attack is your left click button.

On left bottom is the number of coins you currently own.

Coins can be obtained through killing monsters or breaking boxes(random drop).

When a monster dies, a certain amount of coins will be given to all the players, and additional coins will drop on the ground and be given to the nearest player.

On the right bottom is a minimap. you are located in the center. The exclamation hexagon is the skill upgrade station which I will show later.

Just Below your Breaker are two bars and a fraction.

The first bar is the number of dodge skills (default space button) that you have and its cooldown.

Each tick is a use.

Note that when you dodge at the exact moment of enemy attack, it is considered a perfect dodge and will grant special effects.

The second bar is the ammunition. Each tick represents 10 ammo.

The fraction also shows you your current ammo / total ammo.

You can reload using the R button, but also note that it reloads automatically when your ammo runs out.

On the top right is the Alert Level gauge. It fills up with time and when it fills up, a buff is given to all the monsters on the field and also summons mechanical monsters.

Below the minimap is the information on the difficulty you are currently playing on.

The first is the galaxy you are on, the second information shows the planet you are currently exploring, and the third shows the enemy level.

The enemy level rises with each new area of the map you explore, when you clear a planet, and when the alert gauge fills up.

The timer shows the time you spent in the galaxy.

When you defeat all the monsters in the vicinity, a glowing circle with an arrow pops up in Czerny telling you where to go next.

When you go to the exclamation hexagon, you can find a skill upgrade device.

When you open it, you will find three random skill upgrades that you can choose from the 25 possible for each Breaker.

One thing to note is that monsters will attack you when you are interacting with the skill upgrade so it is safer to defeat all the monsters then open the device.

Czery Exploration Explanation (Relics)

In the minimap, you will find square boxes, which are relic chests.

When you open the chest, you will find three relics that you can choose from.

Relics and weapons come in 3 tiers.

Blue represents tier-1, purple represents tier-2, gold represents tier-3.

Tier-1 relics cost 120, tier-2 180, tier-3 240 gold.

There are also two types of relics.

Ones that are one-time stack purchases and those that can be stacked up to five times.

In the image, Heal Scope can be seen to have five possible stacks while Critical Magazine and Explosion Scope has only one stack possible.

Note that the one-stack relic cannot be bought again on a different chest if you already purchased it.

The 5-stack relics grant an additional effect from the 3rd stack onwards, so having many of the same relics is gold efficient.

Note that you can get attacked while interacting with the relic! So be sure to defeat all the monsters before opening.

Czerny Exploration Explanation (Drops)

When you kill a monster, there is a chance for a weapon or a health pack to drop.

Dropped weapons have random effects attached to them. Tier-1 weapons can have up to two additional effects. The effects are chosen randomly from tier one relics (can duplicate). Tier-2 weapons grant 130% additional weapon power. Also, up to three effects can be attached, with up to tier 2 relics possible(can duplicate). Tier-2 weapons grant 150% additional weapon power. Also, up to four effects can be attached, with up to tier 3 relics possible(can duplicate). The image shows a tier 2 missile rifle dropping with two tier 2 effects and one tier one effect attached. Note that in single-player mode, o.

The Health pack gives percentage of your maximum HP.

Dropped weapons have random effects attached to them.

  • Tier-1 weapons can have up to two additional effects.

The effects are chosen randomly from tier one relics (can duplicate).

  • Tier-2 weapons grant 130% additional weapon power.

Also, up to three effects can be attached, with up to tier 2 relics possible(can duplicate).

  • Tier-3 weapons grant 150% additional weapon power.

Also, up to four effects can be attached, with up to tier 3 relics possible(can duplicate).

The image shows a tier 2 missile rifle dropping with two tier 2 effects and one tier one effect attached.

Note that in single-player mode, only weapons that can be used by your breaker will drop.

Czerny Exploration Explanation (Missions)

Different missions are possible for each arena on a planet.

For example, the image shows the Anhiliator device mission that requires the player to stand within the boundaries of the device to activate it while defending against approaching enemies.

When you enter the final arena in a planet, a Warning message will appear.

Once you clear the planet, you will have 60 seconds to break boxes to collect coins, check vault chests that you passed.

Note that the enemy level timer stops during this time as does the alert level gauge.

Czerny Exploration Explanation (Boss)

Before a boss lair, there is a skill upgrade station and Vaulty’s shop.

There is a skill Upgrade station at the start of each planet so be sure not to miss a single one.

Note that the enemy level timer stops while you are preparing to enter the boss lair as does the alert level gauge.

In the Vaulty’s Shop, you can buy one-time purchase to heal yourself to full HP, relics and weapons.

You can also refresh using coins for different weapons and relics. The price to refresh increases with each attempt.

You can also check your stats, the relics you own, skill upgrades, and your weapon at any time during a run by pressing the Tab button.

When fighting the boss, there is an HP bar that shows the amount of health the boss has.

Next to the boss’s name, the number of Health bars is indicated.

Every time a health bar is gone, the boss will gain immunity for a couple of seconds.

Also, its attack pattern will change.

The bar below the health bar is the rampage bar. It fills up with time.

When it is full, the boss will deal more damage and its skills are amplified, but it will also receive more damage.

Czerny Exploration Explanation (Death)

When you die or complete the galaxy up to planet 5, you will go to the battle report.

The report shows how far you went, the enemy level at the end, and the time elapsed.

It also shows all the relics you acquired during a run and the skill upgrades you took.

You are also rewarded VP for your exploration that progresses your Season Pass.

Finally, you have a chance to replicate a relic you acquired.

You have a 100% chance if you clear, and a slimmer chance if you fail.

The relic that you replicate can be equipped in the BReaker station in the pre-game lobby.

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