ANVIL – Lightning Guide After Explosive Nerf

Hey, i’m making this as a quick reference on how to deal decent dmg as lightning after the scope nerf, 90/100 lobbies in g3 have a lightning in them, but only 10/100 lobbies have a lightning that actually does damage. This will hopefully correct that.

Guide to Lightning


Shockwave – a short ranged burst infront of the character, this is the main damage source of lightning and will be built around spamming this with as many modifiers present as possible.

Noteable Upgrades to look out for

Homing Laser – Used to be the go to ability with explosive scope, but now is just dead weight, youll only really press this as a filler from a distance or to get shield from relics / upgrades.

Unfortunately this is the only real upgrade from this ability, everything else does such minor work for your overall dps in comparison to other options.

Lightning Slide, if it wasnt for how much damage Shockwave can do, id say this is probably Lightnings best ability, Mobility + immunity frame + attack speed steroid + upgrades that make this thing do almost as much damage as shockwave.

Honestly, all upgrades for the slide are pretty good, but these two are the ones that will give you the biggest dps increase, context will be give when we get to the relics.

The tooltip claims this is a slow recharge, but its not, you practically spam it with very little downtime, it also provides a immunity frame during its animation, so get used to spamming this.

Rewarded for just dodging an ability or even a DoT tick if you time it right.

Starter Relics (4 Slots and 3 Slots)

I’m not going to include the Turret greaves build, cause if you’re having to read this guide, you’re probably not experienced enough to actually make it work efficiently.

Either way, if you have 4 slots available this is what i run in 99% of my runs in g3.

Shocked target – You’re lightning, you apply shock naturally just by using your Shockwave and lightning Dash, so this just gives big damage.

Critical Box – Combined with the Crasher Shotgun you will have 100% crit chance so this becomes a major dps increase (Crasher Shotgun has a hidden perk that once shot, you gain 100% critical chance for 5 seconds)

Special Charger Module – allows you to use your abilities more often, Shockwave upgrade to fire additional projectiles can proc this giving you access to more Shockwaves, Lightning slide too.

Exrium Power chip – This is a skill build.

Notable swaps: Critical Box can be swapped to Ace of Spades if you want a bit of defence but you will lose its effect once you go over 10 Relics.

3 Relic slots

Not a real change, just the removal of Crit box, this setup should be able to get you a g3 clear pretty easily solo to unlock that 4th slot.

Relics to Look Out for + Synergies

The most important thing to note with Relics you want to be buying is if it synergies with the build you currently have going so you don’t waste precious currency on minor gains.

Most impacting tier 3s for this build assuming you have the starter relic setup discussed above:

This relic is godly, allows you to gain damage from building defensively + synergies with skill upgrades that provide 200% defence increase, if you see this in the shop you should be picking this up.

This is actually currently bugged and wont appear in the g3 shops as a relic, but it can still appear on weapons and just like shock target, is a huge dps increase specially if you’re in groups, and have people overlapping CC for no reason

100% defence, makes you more survivable + also synergies with Suit of Retal. This rule also applies to its lesser variations as tier 2’s.

More hp, Lightning has one of the lowest hp pools in the game, so max % hp is actually mediocre, but Flat hp scaling is a nice bonus to stop you being instant killed on some of the earlier bosses.

Tier 2’s, im not going to mention the defensive options for tier 2’s as the same rules apply as the tier 3’s, but some noteable pickups for damage are as followed.

These all serve the same purpose, % boosts to damage. Note we’ve not mentioned weapon damage, and thats because it would make up so little of the damage of this build that focusing on it would just be a waste.

Honorable mention

Yet another relic that gives you damage for building more defence, all this will be very important when surviving the last boss of g3, as without any hp / defence or shielding, one miss step and you die.

The TL;DR for any of the defence options would be anything that procs on crit / or skill use in terms of shielding.


Disclaimer, any weapon can be “good” with the right roles on them, just because i rate one lower than another below, doesn’t mean you should never pick it up, check the rolls on the weapons and judge for yourself if you think it should replace what you have.

Now with that disclaimer out the way, time to contradict myself.

The Crasher, Boy oh boy. I stated it earler, 100% crit just for firing it, i honestly run this as much as i can rarely swapping it out id even keep this as a tier 1 and deny tier 3’s just because of the intrinsic perk on it alone. That being said, I’d still replace it if another of the two weapons im about to mention have insane rolls.

Although this isnt a Weapon Power focused build, The sniper rifle is still a solid weapon, amazing range for those times you cant get close, while still just packing a punch even with no weapon power in the build.

Inferno Shotgun, Solid Dps output while also being another way for you to apply shock, and with all the extra attack speed from Lightning Slide, you wont find yourself hanging in its slow frames for long.

I’d rate my priority on weapons like this:

  • Best Rolls > Crasher > Inferno > Sniper rifle > every-other weapon

Rifles tend to be pretty poor now with the explosive nerfs, high fire rate meta for lightning is over, although it can work, the consistency of the runs is drastically different.


Stat priority in order of most impactful for damage:

  • Skill Power > Crit chance / Crit Damage > Attack Power/Damage% > Weapon power

Fit Defence and Health in as you see fit, every run will vary and you should take the best of whats on offer.

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