ANVIL – Ultimate Mountain Class Guide

Good basic guide on doing really good with mountain.

Definitive Guide to Mountain Class

Why Use Mountain

  • Mountain is a amazing heavy hitter and tank at the same time if you get lucky with your RNG rolls.
  • His skills are very versatile with covering some distance along with grouping enemies together and a very nice survivalbility skill.
  • With his skill line ups and natural stats he starts off with makes him a decent all rounder.

Skills and Talents to Pick

this section will go over the skills and what talents are very nicely suited for them to help you maximise your survivability and your damage.


Mountains guard is a very nice skill and you should use this alot, due to it been able to absorb damage and convert it back into health for your survival. Its other function is to counter the enemies attacks if perfectly timed, this can be easily pulled of after enough play time and learning the patterns of enemies and getting the timing down.

Now what talents should you pick for this very nice skill that should be used alot, the answer is simple only two talents are truly worth or even just the one if you can get the correct items down the road.

Main talent should be perfect guard to instantly refresh meteor smash and recoil stun for you will be using them two skills alot to pump out your damage.

The last talent point is situational and for survivability, i only choose this talent if the other talents i need dont show up as it is mainly to aid in healing.

Now your thinking why only these 2 talents and none of the others, the other tales are kind of nice yes but not really needed that much if at all from my personal experience and play time with mountain, to me they are just a waste of a talent point.

Jump Shock Its Really Shockingly Nice

Jump shock is a very nice skill in aiding your survival by giving you invulnerability and dazing the enemies, it allso helps boost your damage immensely by electrifying enemies when recoil stun talents don’t show up.

The very first talent you should pick if you want to aid your damage and your party is a 25% increased damage to enemies for 10 seconds, this debuff can have its time further extended by some items. So if you see this talent you should definitely pick it to aid you and your group in a quicker kill time for all things.

This is another talent that is a big priority for survival as it gives you a nice heft shield when used. Should definitely pick this talent if you are having a hard time with items or surviving and there is no other important talent to aid in your damage dealing.

This talent is good for that sweet 30% cool down reduction, this talent is some what important and should be picked up if the Recoil Stun talent is not showing up, as this enables you to use the skill more often and cause electrified damage on enemies to aid in your true damage of Meteor Smash.

Now why not the Increased radius or the 200% damage at the center talents they are both just as good you say. Well you are not wrong there but to do lots of damage and survive they are not very important and should only be picked if there is no other important talent that shows up or something els you want.

Recoil Stun

There is not much to Recoil Stun as it only has roughly 3 uses and 1 main talent, 1 of them is for sucking in everything in x radius and stunning them allowing for quick dispatch which is still very nice. the second use is for avoiding nasty hits with the jump back portion of the ability, But the main use of this skill come from the talent point to electrify enemies to aid in your damage for Meteor Smash.

This Talent is very important as it causes a aoe electrical field for 15 seconds and increases your weapon damage by 100%, if you ever see this talent you should get it, but if you allso have the Jump shock upgrade the dose increased damage to targets you should get that one or the talent point for Meteor Smash that increases damage to electrified targets. As to why you should skip this talent over the other two skills are as follows, jump shock has a natural shock when used so it aid in Meteor Smash if you have the electric damage increase for it, with out the electric damage for Meteor Smash you will be losing alot of damage.

Why not any of the other talents like cooldown or more hammers or more skill damage, well there is nothing wrong with them but not very important at all if you want to increase your raw damage. The cooldown can be completely negated by the counter talent refreshing it right away let alone that it already has a decently low cooldown time. So don’t really bother with the other talents unless there isint anything els very useful in your picks.

Meteor Smash Your Delete Skill

Been talking about this skill a bit and this is your Main Damage Skill and can pump out serious damage if you combine it with jump shock and its damage talent and recoil stuns talent to electrify the ground with extra damage, you will be useing this skill a fair bit and cooldown iteams are very handy if you cant pull off the counters.

This talent is one out of 3 important talents as it makes all the hits from meteor smash critical hits and allows you to pump out that damage very very hard, i would rate this as one of the must picks but if its a toss up between electrified targets and this one go for electrified targets as i would rate it above this talent.

This is number 2 out of 3 for the important talents as this this talent synergies with Jump Shock and Recoil Stun, This talent enable 100% damage to electrified enemies and i would rate it as a number 1 pick talent for this skill

This is the third and last important talent for this skill as it helps boost your damage even further, this skill is fairly important but so is the cooldown talent so you could say its number 3 or 4 for the talent pick, if you are having trouble getting the counter skill refresh talent the pick the cooldown talent over this one.

This talent is fairly important if you are having trouble getting your talent for instant cooldown for your counter skill so you should defiantly pick this talent up if you get the chance.

The last talent for meteor hammer is not very useful and should never really be bothered with and that is the pull enemies in front when useing Meteor Smash as i deem it rather pointless.

Skill Combo for That Delete Damage

Now that you have a decent idea for what to pick on talents to aid in your damage, the best start off combo is to go with Recoil Stun to give the electrified ground and 100% damage increase for your weapon, followed up with Jump Shock to give the 25% increased damage to the target for you and your party and last but not least your delete button Meteor Smash. By now you should have at least 2 of the good talents for meteor smash and that should enable you to do really high damage from this combo.

Items and Stats

Stats for Mountain i prioritise are health points and regen, Critical Damage, Skill Damage and Skill Cooldown and shields. Start off with Necklace of Defence as it pumps your defence straight to 80% where the max defence is 90% so only 10% away from maxing out, only downside is your hp is caped at 30% of your max but not to worry with more hp items and that high defence and some hp regen items you become allmost unkillable should get roughly 20k or more useable hp starting off with this iteam alone with no upgrade points.

Now all you need is some hp items and some shield items and you are pretty much unkillable.
Next iteam i would start off with is Necklace of amplification for some good skill power and skill cooldown. if you want to have further survival instead of some damage swap it out with the upgraded Inner Suit as its %hp seems to be better then raw flat hp.

There isint to much els to items so experiment and find what works for you and don’t hesitate to save your coins for you could come across something you just might need in the next room over.

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