APICO – Pronoun Deleter

How to remove the pronouns from the vanilla npc speech boxes, Windows release version.

How to Remove Pronouns from Vanilla NPC Dialogue

Go to the install directory and open the json folder (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\APICO\json by default). Open up keywords.json and go down to line 148-153. This section should have:

  "pronouns1": "$pronouns1",
  "pronouns2": "$pronouns2",
  "pronouns3": "$pronouns3",
  "pronouns4": "$pronouns4",
  "pronouns5": "$pronouns5",
  "pronouns6": "$pronouns6",

Change this to:

  "pronouns1": "",
  "pronouns2": "",
  "pronouns3": "",
  "pronouns4": "",
  "pronouns5": "",
  "pronouns6": "",

And save the file. The next time you load the game, the pronouns will no longer appear in npc dialogues. Note that this only applies to the vanilla NPCs, modded npc will display whatever pronouns they’re set to have.

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