Arena of Kings – Ultimate Mystic Class Guide

Definitive Guide to Mystic Class

Terms used in the guide

Term – Definition

  • AoE – Area of Effect
  • CC – Crowd Control
  • CD – Cooldown
  • DoT – Damage over Time
  • HoT – Heal over Time
  • DPS – Damage per Second
  • GCD – Global Cooldown
  • LoS – Line of Sight

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Good utility & defensive CD’s.
  • The only healer that has access to a low CD ranged Interrupt which is also front loaded with the Debuff “Astral Shock”, giving it huge value for a single spell.
  • Access to a really strong Mana Burn spell.
  • Huge Purge spell that also works vs both bubbles/invulnerability Spells.
  • Good into melee comps.
  • Can stop setups with CC immunity.


  • Can run into trouble with mana upkeep if forced to sustain heal.
  • Lacks AOE healing if team spreads out.
  • Zero mobility, instead relies on Utility spells (Spirit Form / Aegis).
  • Weak vs Ranged due the only CC being melee range.

Suggested Builds

Mystic is an extremely versatile healer that can take their build in all kinds of directions but this is the build I felt most comfortable playing with.

If I personally were to trade out a spell for something else it would probably be Divination.


  • So Mystics playstyle is a little different from the usual healers. Instead of solely focusing on front loading a bunch of healing this class rather tries to disrupt the enemy enough to reduce incoming damage or absorb it altogether through the use of defensive Utility spells which gives this class a pretty high skill ceiling/cap.
  • Dream of Prosperity loses a huge amount of value if your target is separated from the group, play smart and keep that spell bouncing!
  • Disenchant can be a huge spell when facing Immortality healers or multi-shield comps. But otherwise it quickly just turns into a very mana hungry cleanse.
  • Mana tap is really strong and should be considered in mana burn comps.
  • Astral Shock can also easily fit into any kind of comp that goes for big bursts of damage to abuse the reduced armour/mr and add an additional interrupt for your team’s go moment on their kill target which in this case most likely is the healer.
  • Divination should be used in combination with Dream of Prosperity as that spell gains the most value from the 20% additional effectiveness while also returning the most mana.
  • In my opinion Cosmic infusion only really becomes viable when playing with a fire mage ready to pump out constant damage during its duration (Perhaps lich with a full set of DoT’s would be the other exception)
  • Temporal Barrier refund mana & AoE slows in a small radius when completely depleted. For that reason try to predict burst windows your opponents are going for and only then use your barrier for its maximum value.
  • Blessing of Sun and Moon reduces all damage taken by 15% which is incredibly strong for a 4s CD on a 8s Duration. Always have this going on your allies currently taking damage, the short CD even gives you room to have 2 going at the same time.
  • It’s important to note that Aegis loses it’s damage reduction effect as soon as the spell absorbs an CC. So you should know which part of the spell helps you most in your situation and plan accordingly.
  • Aegis can also be used to predict assassin openers or Mage sheeps in an easy way as it’s an instant cast spell with a fairly long duration.
  • Ofc this leaves you vulnerable to wasting the CD altogether if the enemy team baits you out and simply target swaps afterwards so.. Be careful!
  • Blackout is essential when facing double melee comps as it gives you huge breathing room to recover from their set up as it will most likely always affect both of them.
  • Position yourself well and this spell becomes very strong vs any comp if you can find yourself a moment to run into the healer/backline and get a big AoE fear off, giving your team big momentum.
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