Arena of Kings – Ultimate Scholar Class Guide

Definitive Guide to Scholar Class

Terms used in the guide

Term – Definition

  • AoE – Area of Effect
  • CC – Crowd Control
  • CD – Cooldown
  • DoT – Damage over Time
  • HoT – Heal over Time
  • DPS – Damage per Second
  • GCD – Global Cooldown
  • LoS – Line of Sight

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Access to a huge map-wide healing Spell, allowing you to Meditate more often and safely.
  • Some of the best Utilities for both offence and defence.
  • Able to silence and interrupt in multiple ways.
  • Access to ‘Immortality’ Spell.
  • IMO the best healer paired with a full DPS Paladin due to ‘Truth’ filling in the paladins weaknesses.


  • Scholars only proper AoE heal has a very large cast time which can lead to more mistakes and additionally (downside for new players)a very high mana cost, risking you going oom much faster than necessary by misjudging what you should be casting.
  • Lacks mobility if there’s no viable ‘Portal’ target.
  • Very cast reliant making the class vulnerable to CC & Interrupts.
  • Currently struggles vs melee classes if you don’t take a specific build to counter them.

Suggested Builds

This is currently my go to Build with the team I play with, heavily focused on the team’s survival instead of going the Armageddon route. This build relies on your team having the pressure and damage to go along with it. (Swap still allows you to assist with that)

Honestly, all Scholar abilities are really good but I think this is a safe bet kind of build if you’re playing without Voice or in Pugs as the other abilities all require some form of communication or gameplan to use them to their full potential.

If you’d like to swap out some spells, I’d recommend either Gospel of Defiance (especially if you’re running a full ranged Comp), Gospel of Purity or even Immortality if you are confident enough playing Scholar.

When to take what:

Armageddon: Very good if you’re playing with premades and have some kind of setup to keep the enemy in the field and go for big burst of damage, although without the tools to set up a stun it can be a waste of your precious mana.

Mesmerize: If your having trouble playing vs melees, big downside to this spell is that it can become virtually useless vs full ranged comps unless your sacrificing your Portal Spell or Positioning to effectively use it.

Ethereal Bindings: Use this instead of Mesmerize unless facing double/triple melee comps. EB has the advantage of having a large range, not breaking instantly on receiving damage (30% cap) and is usable to set up your own Armageddon plays + other big potential Spells like Meteor.

Silence: Good for comps like Scholar-Assassin-Wizard where the extra Silence can give your team the extra time needed to 100-0 your kill target. Otherwise useful to deny casted CC or powerful spells like Wizards ‘Meteor’.

Judgement: I’d probably only recommend running this spell if your playing a hybrid/DPS kind of build for Scholar.


  • Cast Gospel of Harmony in a way that you LoS your enemy team as the spell is Global anyways and has a very long cast.
  • Prioritise casting Transfer life heal over GoH if there is only one target taking dmg to save mana, after casting a few TL’s you can cast GoH to also heal the dmg you took.
  • Fake casting is an important mechanic for Scholar to learn seeing as nearly everything being a hard cast and GoH being a super long one at that too, don’t take unnecessary risk trying to fake cast though!
  • Life Burst should be casted off CD in most situations, consider the healing over time the spell provides when choosing a target to cast it on. Has potential to be casted on yourself before assassin openers to reduce the initial damage you take during the stuns duration.
  • Gospel of defiance should mostly be cast when your team is about to take big or spread damage and also try at the same time to abuse the offensive damage it brings with it, burning procs can do a load of damage!
  • Use your Portal ability to interrupt big casts the enemy is doing, most of the time it’s most beneficial to interrupt healing casts to support your team’s “Go/Kill” moment.

Another useful trick is to spread as much distance between you and an enemy and then swap them to bring them out of combat for some time while they have to reposition, this mechanic is most useful vs melees that are currently out of Mobility spells.

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