Ark of War – Faction Guide with Tips

The purpose is not to tell you how to do faction, but to help make it a bit quicker and easier. Let’s face it, I think there’s more than me that when you think of doing faction a little bit of your soul leaves you.

Guide to Faction

If an early gamer to get faction task open you have to use cosmic crystals until you reach friendly on desired faction ( infantry/Nix’za, walker/Voltar or air/Magwell ). This is also true later when you may want to change faction. From then on you gain faction prestige from doing the tasks, this is what will get you to revered. Once doing the tasks it may seem an advantage to use the gained cosmic crystals to further advancement, don’t! Save them, you will need them for galactic oracle to aquire event items for event gear.

The prizes for doing faction are:

  • Prize 1 (10 tasks): X10 cosmic crystals
  • Prize 2 (40 tasks): X20 cosmic crystals
  • Prize 3 (80 tasks): X50 cosmic crystals

Before revered

  • Prize 3: faction box (only once revered).
  • Infantry: choose from 1 Nix’za chest or 5 Flower of life or 5 Mysterious Warrior medals.
  • Walker: choose from 1 Voltar chest or 5 Tritiated Ice or 5 Hancock medals.
  • Air: choose from 1 Magwell chest or 5 Gaussian Alloy or 5 Regina medals.
  • Prize 4 (100 tasks): X3 pure crystals.

Com released at gate (also only once revered):

  • Infantry: Stella
  • Walker: Yuri
  • Air: Rayman

When you have gained what you want from a faction there is a Faction Reset token in the shop, under “other” section, for 9999 gold.

As I said before when starting your new faction you will need to use cosmic crystals again until friendly, except by this point you should definitely have a good stash of the crystals.

Gold Skip

At some point you will have to use gold to skip a task. I personally only skip for 3 reasons:

  1. If I have to plunder and I don’t want to break shield.
  2. If I don’t have the desired commander needed.
  3. If the task is for a commander I am keeping as a weenie for cap battles or galactic battle (If you wish to use the commander rather than gold you can use large troops in slots 1 and 2 leaving slot 3 empty. This means you kill troops but will be defeated by the opponents slot 3. Hence not gaining xp on that commander keeping it a weenie).

General Tasks

There aren’t many general tasks, most are commander specific. The 2 tasks I can think of while writing this are:

  • Kill Lvl monster
  • Hit Lvl tile

For these tasks I use any main commander I have already in line up. This means I don’t need to worry about gear. For the monster kill and tile hit tasks you can actually hit anything above the Lvl ask for, i.e. whatever is closest that you can hit. As with all faction tasks you want to do them with no loss. I use the optional box troops from events, I don’t have t9 troops yet so this prevents me from any loss.

I now have infantry and air t9 and more box troops. I still use these line ups although they are further down the roster now.

With these 3 troop line ups i don’t get any troop losses. The troops in back row can be anything but probably best if maximum amount of whatever you choose. What possibly can guarantee no troop loss is the Hull you use. I only have the Dawn Hull, upgraded to +15. It does me ok lol (now maxed at 20).

Commander Specific Tasks

The commander specific tasks are more varied:

  • Kill Lvl monster
  • Hit Lvl tile
  • Kill amount of emperial troops
  • Add amount of leadership
  • Complete chapter of exploration

I’ll start with the monsters and tiles. For these you can hit any monster/tile above what is requested. As with the general tasks I use my troops as in the screenshot, the only difference being the leadership of the commander requested to use. During the weekly and leadership add events I have most of my commanders up to around 1k leadership. The few that are not able to carry the large troops are air commanders, I have to use full slots of t7. This also seems to be enough to do the tasks with no losses.

When it comes to the kill amount of the requested emperial troops, if you hit the goto button it will always take you to the 1st Lvl in explore those troops are available. The table below gives you what Lvl you need to hit to do each 1 in the least hits.

The add leadership to a commander is exactly that, add the requested amount of leadership to the desired commander. Not use the amount of mags. If you are using commanders to gather lead then absorb them don’t use their Lvl up leadership, makes it a wee bit cheaper on mags if keep for this purpose.

Finally, complete chapter ** of explore. I think this is always 1 time, very early on i thought you had to complete the full chapter when it said for 1 time. Very early on lol. As all the other tasks use what you won’t get any losses from. Unlike guild gen. mobilisation, mop up will not count.

Doing all your faction every week does feel like a total drag. I keep in mind its a necessity. Cosmic crystals, faction reward boxes, and pure crystals are all things you will want to collect

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