Ark of War – Nemesis Ark Guide

Guide to Nemesis Ark

What Is a Nemesis Ark?

A nemesis ark, in essentiality, is an ark with no resources, no SM, and only enough troops to fit in med bay. They cannot be zeroed, they cannot lose resources if they don’t have any, and the only way to get rid of them is to use Exile.

A nemesis fights with a low amount of high tier troops, only enough to fit into medbay AND explore. A nemesis cannot have so many troops that they cannot fit all of them into a fullmarch, although this is normally not a problem as medbays are tiny. Alternatively, some nemesis arks use only T2 and ignore tier suppression commanders to bust up high tier.

Perks of Being a Nemesis Ark

  1. You cant get zeroed if you do it to yourself

Your enemy can’t brag about zeroing you if they can’t zero you in the first place.

  1. You can hit tiles all day without fear

Linked to the first point, you don’t need to panic shield when the opponent attacks your ark. Instead, you panic click explore.

  1. Saves gold

When you’re a nemesis, you don’t shield unless you’re about to push your research or building higher. You can save gold on shields at an average rate of 1,500 gold a day if you only use 8hrs and never break, or 714 a day if you only use 7days and never break.

  1. Makes everyone mad

Exactly the title. Imagine fighting an unkillable opponent, who will never stay down and the largest blow you can deal to them is to warp them somewhere or catch them while their troops are vulnerable.

How to Become a Nemesis

  1. Select the ark hull you will use as a nemesis ark (My preference is for holiday sleigh or Armageddon for the hospital space buff, but if you have enough space you have you can use a more combat focused hull).
  2. After you equip the hull, kill off all of the troops you want to keep. Make sure that they fit into the hospital.
  3. Switch to baby ark and fullmarch the lvl 20 monster with every single other troop you have. Make sure that the troops that you want to keep are still in hospital. Kill absolutely everything. Don’t worry about losing the troops in medbay, they’ll overflow but still be alive. It’ll just prevent more troops from entering medbay, which is what you want to perma kill the other troops.
  4. Boop the tiles, your a nemesis ark now.

How Do I Keep My Troops Safe as a Nemesis?

As a nemesis ark, your biggest fear is permanently losing your high tier troops. Don’t be stupid, don’t have more troops than can fit in medbay.

When you’re about to log off for a long period of time (Going to work, going to sleep) Send your troops to a shielded guildmate. (reinforce them with a full march) It is infinitely preferable if the shielded guildmate will not gold jump or break shield and get ported, as that will send your troops back to your ark.

When you’re playing, utilize the explore feature to house your troops. Place a commander in explore, preferably one with high leadership, and put your troops in there if you are being marched. You will only have a few seconds so be fast, and it’s good to have a preset march ready (troop hiding purposes) when you’re doing that. It helps get the troops into explore faster, although I prefer using a different method (ill explain later)

Help Me Someone Is about to Port Me What Do I Do?

When someone you know has exile marches you, shield as fast as you can. If you can’t, put all your troops in explore and hope that you get ported somewhere else. To recover from being warped around, go offline for an hour and then come back, random jump around the planet until you arrive near somewhere you want to go. Exile has a 6hr cooldown so someone else will have to use theirs, and you can repeat the cycle.


You need to be aware that people can exile you while you sleep and all your troops return and you can be hit from that afterwards (Ive had it happen to me… trust me its not fun).

I typically just kill off all my troops besides what I can carry without a medbay buff/hull.

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