ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Tame a Spino (The Island)

Spino Taming Guide

KO Strategy

Taming a Spinosaurus takes a considerable amount of time, even greater than that of a Tyrannosaurus. Torpor is depleted rapidly, at just over two per second at level one, whilst its hunger is generated slowly. This requires players to constantly check on the Torpor level, unlike many other long-wait dinosaurs, as the torpor level will drop to below 50% for a level 20 Spino in around five minutes.

Take care when knocking them out as well, Spinosaurs are excellent climbers and can scale cliffs or rock piles you might not consider them capable of. However, they cannot scale especially steep cliffs. And since there are usually steep cliffs around Spinosaur habitats, a good way to tranquilize it is by shooting it from the top of a cliff until it starts running away. When it does, just recklessly charge at it until it gets stuck. Once it is stuck, finish it off. Also, spinosaurs usually prioritize attacking Coelacanths over humans, even if the human is attacking it. Just try not to tranquilize it while it is being attacked by Sabertooth Salmon or Piranhas.

When it is knocked out, it also loses torpor considerably fast, so be prepared with a lot of Narcotics. Given how fast its torpor drops and that torpor in all creatures cannot decrease while it is increasing, 5 Narcoberries are actually more effective against a spino than one Narcotic, since they give less torpor but over more time.

If you are going to use this tactic, be prepared to have a Trike or a different dino that can farm berries quickly, since it will require hundreds of narcoberries. Force-feeding a stack of 100 narcoberries will increase its torpor by 750 over 5 minutes, meaning it will not drop in that time. Feeding multiple stacks will stack the effect.

The easiest way to tame a Spino is to prepare a decent leveled Kaprosuchus, as this creature has a Stamina draining property to its attacks which makes a creature no longer be able to run, and a Spino’s walk speed is slower than even a Rex, so a Kaprosuchus is recommended if you don’t want it run away that often, or just don’t let it run at all.

Taming Food and Amount

This is for level 1:

  1. Exceptional Kibble 3x (recommended)
  2. Raw Prime Fish Meat 6x (Recommended)
  3. Raw Mutton 5x (recommended)
  4. Raw Prime Meat 7x
  5. Cooked Lamb Chop 11x
  6. Cooked Prime Fish Meat 12x
  7. Cooked Prime Meat 14x
  8. Raw Fish Meat 17x
  9. Raw Meat 21x
  10. Cooked Fish Meat 24x
  11. Cooked Meat 42x
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  1. dude, why even bother with the kapro…. just… lure it in a taming cage, or bitween some dino gates, knock the sailor boy out, and keep an eye on it.

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