ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Tame Crystal Wyvern (Crystal Isles)

Guide to Tame Crystal Wyvern

There is a couple ways of of taming a Crystal Wyvern, there are two easy and fast ways to tame them, so i’m going to explain them.

First Method

So first of all you want to get some Crystal from the Giant Crystals that you can easily in the NE of the map.

When you have some Crystal you want to put it in the last slot of your hotbar, then you want to aproach a Crystal Wyvern and give it Crystal until he has tamed.

Second Method

Putting to sleep a Crystal Wyvern (i personaly recommend using trenq arrows).

When you have him asleep you want to get some of his prime crystal that you can get by going next to him while he’s asleep.

By pressing the letter ‘E’ you will get some of the Prime Crystal.

Then you need to approax the same Crystal Wyvern or another that is higher level and to the same process that i tought you with the Crystal with Prime Crystal it will tame much faster.

Written by Pataco ッ

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  1. jump on the wyvs, then feed them like that.
    or take a wyvern egg and knock an adult unconscious to feed the baby wyvern once hatched

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