Arknights: Endfield – Lore FAQ

This FAQ is about lore and story stuff of Endfield.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Endfield take place? Does Endfield take place in the future of Arknights?

As for now, IF the year calculation on Talos (Endfield Planet) and Terra are the same, then yes, Endfield is taking place in the future of Arknight. This is because a player found a flier in Game with the year 1615, while Arknight takes place in around 1096-ish making it 500 years into the future.

What happened to the previous Operator that we played in Arknights if it takes place in the Future?

We don’t know, but there is a high chance that they are already dead. But, for races that can live a long life, such as Vampire (Warfarin and Closure) they are still around (At Least Warfarin is still around, not sure about Closure).

How About Angelina? Is she really a clone?

Well yes, you can call her a clone. But for a more detailed explanation:

  • The Project that Angelina was in is called Project Heterokaryon. Basically what it means is there exists a foreign nuclei/DNA inside Angelina, or simply Angelina is made up of Angelina’s DNA and another person’s DNA. Who is this person? Who knows.
  • Does a clone actually need to have 100% identical DNA? No. In the famous Dolly case, it doesn’t have 100% identical genetics. Because the cell recipient has mitochondrial DNA. mtDNA is only 2-3% of the length of nucleic DNA, and the number is way higher than nucleic DNA. Dolly is not 100% perfect copy but still a clone
  • So In Angelina’s case, she probably has 50% of the genetic information from the “original Angelina”. Even if there’s no mention of cloning in her file, just like dolly 95% identical or in bacterial cloning only 5% identical, we still can call her clone.
  • So, Can you call her a clone? Yes sure, but we can also call her Angelina’s offspring because she inherited her genes and that act itself produces her as an offspring. Does Heterokaryon play a role in deciding whether she is a clone or not? Yes and no. It simply means she’s not identical to the Original Angelina, and we still don’t know whose the other nuclei belong to and what’s the purpose of it.

What Race is Ember?


What Race is Xaihei?


What is Talos-II

Planet where Arknights: Endfield Take place

How exactly do people from Terra come into contact with Talos?

The Pioneer from Terra used Portal in the polar north first to reach Talos.

What is Sarcophagus Mk II?

The stasis field Hibernation Pod, where the Endministrator returns to hibernate at the end of every crisis. How does it work? Who knows.

Does Doctor and Endministrator are the same person?

While there are some similarities, there’s still no definitive proof that Endministrator and Doctor are the same person. So for now, they are completely two different people.

But at the beginning of the game, we saw Graves with the reunion leaders’ name, right? Does that prove Endministrator is Doctor?

No. It’s only a dream.

Who is Perlica?

Endfield Supervisor

Does Rhodes Island Still exist? Have they managed to cure Oripathy?

Yes, They still exist, and so does the Raythean company. And Oripathy also still exists too. But while Oripathy still exists, The medicine and technology they used were also already advanced. For example, there exists an artificial Originium organ. Meaning that you can still live even if your organ is gone.

What is AMA?

AMA is a biological artificial creation created by doctor race. For example Kal’tsit.

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