Arma Reforger – How to Play Arma Reforger on DirectX 11 Graphics Card

Arma Reforger exclusively uses Directx 12. But, there is a workaround to run Arma Reforger on your PC with old graphics cards that don’t support DirectX feature level 12_1 or so. In this guide, I will explain how to play Arma Reforger with your DirectX 11 GPU.

Guide to Play Arma Reforger on DirectX 11 Graphics Card


For unfortunate people who haven’t upgraded from a 750 ti or similar hardware that does not support DirectX 12 (which Arma Reforger is dependent on “”exclusively””), but we are going to do a work around regarding that.

  1. First, go to this folder location where Windows is installed on your PC and inside System32 folder: C:\Windows\System32
    From this C:\Windows\System32 folder copy these two files – D3D12.dll and D3D12Core.dll
  2. Go to your Arma Reforger installation folder and paste the above two files in this same folder. Rename the D3D12.dll file to D3D12_original.dll.
  3. Now, download a file called “” from here and save it on your PC.
  4. Right click on “” and extract all the files. You will get 4 files, namely d3d12.dll, d3d12.exp, d3d12.lib, d3d12.pdb.
  5. Copy/Move all these 4 files to the Arma Reforger installation folder. Finally, launch the game by double-clicking the exe file from the installation folder.
  6. Profit

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  1. Did not check if it works, because I’m an Eastern European with RTX 3080, but nicely put together and useful. We need more guides like this. Specifically performance and tweaks related.

    • I agree. I tested this personally at my secondary work computer that has a 750 ti since its mostly just a glorified hard drive at this rate. But I was able to play both Death Stranding and Arma Reforger on it, Arma Reforger ran better than Arma 3 did when I would make scenarios during my lunch break.

  2. Oh wow, I didnt think it would actually work, but indeed it does. Even though my 2060 12Gb arrives soon, I still decided to check it on 750Ti.

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