Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles – Hevelius Build Tips

Tips for Hevelius Builds

Hevelius can do ridiculous things if you have Sentinel Uprising, the copycat Sentinel, and some source of Boost for your sentinels. Bonus if you have the rerolling sentinel as well just to make it more stable. With a boosted copycat Sentinel, you have a sentinel that can both provide some kind of scaling buff/damage to kill stuff and also rearm itself and the other sentinel. I’ve used this in two different runs to kill the heart on turn 3. If you can manage to get this kind of combo rolling it’s also particularly nice for the heart because sentinel rerolls/dice don’t count towards the 5 action counter.

On early difficulty levels this specific deck build for Hevellius very effective:

  1. Risky die which adds +6 to Sentinel Auto-Turret
  2. Risky die which applies barrier (invulnerability or shield would also work)
  3. Forging to change the corruption die faces of the two above into better things
  4. Duplication of the Auto-Turret and Barrier die
  5. Sentinels providing Die-Draw / Rerolls

With this setup, Sentinels reach +10 or so Auto-Turret damage per turn within just a few turns, which is effective in many battles, and the barrier / shield / invulnerability enables you to keep them and yourself alive OR block over-corruption on baddies and bossies that power up that way.

Auto-turret stuff does fall off on higher difficulties because enemies that ramp up do it quicker and auto doesn’t have any doubling finisher or any faster-than-linear scaling.

Barrier is more annoying to use because anomalies 9 and 10 provide alternative sources of corruption, but still nice to have (basically light shield++).

You can kill the final boss in zero actions with copycat + sentinel uprising, hevelius late game is wild.

Alternatively, Good Stuff Deck Parts include

  • Vendetta sentinel/rearms + any ways of gently poking it, thorns is probably the best.
  • Empower/boost + Starry. Its generally too slow compared to vendetta, but works fine in its absense.

I’m not sure how playable is Shield Bash stuff, but I assume its fine if you happen to get it + forge light shield + some neutrals.

  • Another pretty straight forward and easy build is a destroy/rebuild tower with the dice that scale your damage based on the number of destroyed sentinels.
  • It work especially well with a draw sentinel to get it going faster , since it draw a new dice each time it’s rebuilt.
  • An empower build with the relic that give boost to your sentinel is fine too, you can even go infinite with the AoE sentinel + thorn relic.
  • You really need to build a lot of defensive dice for build bassed on your sentinels though. If your sentinels are destroyed its a lose, and their is a few really harsh AoE fights.
Written by Pachy

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