ASTRONEER – Infinite Power Guide

In this guide I will explain how to produce near-infinite power.

How to Get Infinite Power

Batteries and Medium Storages

As I’m sure you all know, medium storages can store small items, 8 of them, to be precise.

Why Is This Important?

Well, it is important because you can place 8 small batteries on a singular medium storage, not only storing 32×8 or 256 units of power, but producing 8 units of power per second.

All you’d have to do is create a row of these medium storages filled with batteries to create theoretically infinite power.

Onto the ingredients required.

Beginning Setup

As a beginning example, place two medium platform a’s right next to one another, and connect them to each other and whatever you wish to power.

Place one medium storage on each of the two medium platforms, it does not matter whether it is unfolded or folded.

Next, you will need a furnace, and a heck of a lot of Sphalerite-

Sphalerite is a common resource required to make Zinc, it can be found on almost any planet, but i’d suggest looking on Sylva due to the easy hazard difficulty and relative resource abundance.

When you smelt Sphalerite, it becomes Zinc, the one and only material you need to make small batteries.

Smelt 16 Sphalerite in your furnace, and use your backpack printer to produce 16 small batteries. Place the 16 small batteries on the two medium storages, and voila. 16 units a second of electrical energy, and 512 stored units. This could theoretically be expanded infinitely, thus being a source of nigh-infinite power.


I hope this assists you players out there who are ticked off by having to run around gathering loads of organic to continually fuel your generators, or those looking to not expend the resources required to create wind turbines or solar panels, due to the fact that they do not work 100% of the time.

UPD. You’d basically have to fuel your organic generators like once every 20 minutes with that many batteries. Which is way better than not being able to run anything with no organic power. I say this because I was wrong, batteries Output 1 u/s each, not create 1 u/s each.

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  1. rtgs are extremely cheap once you have the materials to make them, as long as you have atmospheric collector, and all the machines before them and a rocket. also, i dont see how just using batteries you can make power, they dont come pre-charged, and it would still take power to charge them

  2. you can get an extra large storage silo and fill it with medium batterys to store a tota of about 6000 U and an output of 144 u/s

  3. idea, USE AN RTG or just a ton of qt-rtg also instead of a medium storage, use a storage silo, storage silos hold up to 24 i think it was.

    • qt-rtgs can only be collected in limited amount from missions, so and i would recommend to use on players or small outposts

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