Baba Is You – Step by Step Solutions Guide

This guide will eventually contain step by step solutions to all levels of the official New Adventures level pack by Hempuli.

Land of Delicacies

01: What Does Baba Eat?

  • 1. Baba Eat Wall And Flag.
  • 2. Use BABA to eat the WALLS around the FLAG, and around the rules Wall Is Stop and Flag Is Stop.
  • 3. Break the rule Baba Eat Wall And Flag.
  • 4. Break the rule Flag Is Stop.

02: I Was Too Hungry…

  • 1. Key Is Push (vertically) with Key one below KEY.
  • 2. Push the rule Key Is Push up two, then push Push out of the way.
  • 3. Push Key Is up two, so that Is ends up on KEY.
  • 4. Key Has Flag.

03: Blow The Candles Out

  • 1. Push Stop down one to break the rule Empty Is Stop and to destroy one GRASS.
  • 2. Use the Stop text to push the top GRASS a few spaces left, then move Empty Is Stop out of the way.
  • 3. Grass Is Push (horizontally) in the same row as the top GRASS, then push all of it left until GRASS is in the column with the gap.
  • 4. Use the Is from Empty Is Stop to push the GRASS up two, so it’s between Keke and Win.
  • 5. Retrieve Grass Is Push and move it into the area with Baba Is You.
  • 6. Baba Eat Empty (horizontal), Empty Is Stop (vertical), Grass Is Push (horizontal).
  • 7. Push the Is down one to form Keke Is Win And Move.
  • 8. Move onto KEKE.

04: Delicious Words

  • 1. Eat the Stop in Hedge Is Stop.
  • 2. Eat the Eat in Baba Eat Text.
  • 3. Push Hedge Is up two, so you can access Hedge.
  • 4. Form Baba Text Hedge Flag Is Win (vertically).
  • 5. Push the previous phrase down one, to free Win.
  • 6. Push Hedge left one.
  • 7. Push Baba Text up one, to free Baba.
  • 8. Push Flag Is down one, to free Is.
  • 9. Form Baba Is Win.

05: The End

  • 1. Push one ROCK into WATER.
  • 2. Push remaining ROCK into second body of WATER.
  • 3. Pillar Is Rock (vertically).
  • 4. Push the Push text box into third body of WATER.
  • 5. Push Rock one below Baba in Baba Is You, then push up one to replace Baba Is You with Rock Is You.
  • 6. Push Rock Is You as far left as possible.
  • 7. Separate the ROCKS so that one stack goes next to Left Is and the other stack stays close to the FLAG.
  • 8. Flag Is Win then move onto FLAG.

06: Last Snack

  • 1. Push Weak up one to break Fruit Is Weak.
  • 2. Push FRUIT left then down to be able to move into main area.
  • 3. Push Hedge Is Hedge up one.
  • 4. Form Hedge Without blank Baba Is You (horizontally).
  • 5. Form blank Is Fruit (vertically) using same blank as in previous step.
  • 6. Push Baba Is You left one, to form Hedge Without Baba Is You and Baba Is Fruit.
  • 7. Move onto the FLAG.

07: Exactly As It Says

  • 1. Not Baba Is You.
  • 2. Move up one, right three, down eight. This gets rid of FLAG and leaves one WATER.
  • 3. Move around a bit to remove final WATER.
  • 4. Replace Not Baba Is You with Baba Is You.
  • 5. Form Hedge Is You (vertically), retaining Baba Is You.
  • 6. Not Baba Is Hedge (horizontally), breaking Baba Is You.
  • 7. Replace Not Baba Is Hedge with Baba Is Hedge.

08: Mixed Identity

  • 1. Me Is Open (horizontally), Me Has Baba (vertically), Baba Is Shut (horizontally).
  • 2. Keke Is Move (horizontally), with Move one up one right of isolated HEDGE.
  • 3. Put spare Me one below Move.
  • 4. Push Move Me up one when KEKE is one right of Me. This forms Keke Is Me, which then produces a BABA and removes ME.
  • 5. Form Baba Is (vertically), with Baba two left of Keke in Keke Is Stop And Defeat.
  • 6. Form Baba Is Win.

09: Feeling Dangerous

  • 1. Flag Is You, then Baba Is Win.

10: Dangerous Feeling

  • 1. Shell Is Flag.
  • 2. Replace Baba Is You with Flag Is You.
  • 3. Flag Has Text (vertically).
  • 4. Destroy one FLAG with text box, e.g. form (vertically) FLAG text FLAG and move up into the HEDGE which is below Flag Feeling Defeat Is Win.
  • 5. Flag Has Flag (vertically) and Flag Is Defeat (horizontally), with the latter done last.

11: Seasick

  • 1. Flag Is Push.
  • 2. Push FLAG up two, to be in same row as Baba Is Green.
  • 3. Break Flag Is Push by pushing Flag away.
  • 4. Push Baba Is Green left until Baba is on top of FLAG This turns the FLAG green.
  • 5. Move onto the FLAG by pushing Baba away.

12: One More With Feeling

  • 1. Push Feeling onto CRAB.
  • 2. Push Crab onto SHELL and ensure that Crab ends up in the Win room.
  • 3. Crab Is Push (horizontally).
  • 4. Go back through SHELL, then push Feeling/CRAB onto top SHELL and get it into Win room.
  • 5. Break Crab Is Push.
  • 6. Push the Is text box (which is near Crab and Stop) so that it ends up one left of Stop.
  • 7. Crab Feeling Stop.
  • 8. Crab Is Push and push CRAB so that CRAB ends up three left of the Stop in Crab Feeling Stop.
  • 9. Break Crab Is Push and push that Is so that it ends up one left of Feeling.
  • 10. Push Is Is down one.
  • 11. Push the bottom Is right one, to form Crab Feeling Stop Is Win.
  • 12. Form Crab Is Stop (horizontally) such that You end up on CRAB.

13: Former Glory

  • 1. Rock Is Revert.
  • 2. Teeth Is Revert.
  • 3. Move onto KEKE.

14: How Time Flies…!

  • 1. Stump Is Push.
  • 2. Push STUMP onto WATER.
  • 3. Push the following onto WATER: Is, Push, Husk, Is.
  • 4. Stump Is Revert.

15: Seasons

  • 1. Stump Is Revert (vertically) using the fixed Is.
  • 2. When you see a SPROUT, form Flower Is Stump.
  • 3. Flower Is Push and use the three separate FLOWERS to remove WATER.
  • 4. Foliage Is Revert.

16: Sneaking About

  • 1. Pumpkin Is Push (vertically), Pumpkin is blank And Key (horizontally), Fruit blank Is Revert (vertically) using the same blank.
  • 2. Push Fruit down one, to form Pumpkin Is Fruit And Key and Fruit Is Revert.
  • 3. Push PUMPKIN into Key Is Weak area, then break Key Is Weak.
  • 4. Push PUMPKIN onto BOX, then move onto FLAG.

A: Appetizer

  • 1. Skull Eat Potato.
  • 2. Eat the three POTATOES.

B: Starter Course

  • 1. Turnip Is Skull.

C: Main Course

  • 1. Drink Is Skull.
  • 2. Move onto BURGER.
  • 3. Wait one turn.

D: Dessert

  • 1. Skull Eat Grass (horizontally).
  • 2. Donut Is Skull (vertically).

Extra 01: Lastest Snack

  • 1. Push Weak up one.
  • 2. Push FRUIT out of way so you can access main area.
  • 3. Push Baba Is You right one.
  • 4. Without Baba Is You (horizontally).
  • 5. Baba Is blank Without Baba Is You (horizontally).
  • 6. Baba Is Fruit Without Baba Is You.
  • 7. Move onto FLAG.
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