Back 4 Blood – How to Obtain Good Riddence! Achievement as Tala

If you have Tala, this is a very easy to set-up way to farm ridden kills for the “Good Riddence!” achievement where you need to kill 53,600 Ridden. You will be able to set it up in a few minutes and AFK to get around 3k kills an hour.

Quick Ridden Farming Tala Guide

Requirements and Deck


If you have Tala, you can use her bleed along with razor wire to kill Ridden while you AFK. You will not get idle timed out if you keep your melee key pressed, which you can do by using a rubber band around R2 on the controller. This set up will only take a few minutes and net you around 3K kills an hour.


Tala’s bleed along with razor wire will kill the Ridden on recruit difficulty pretty quickly. The mandatory cards here are glass cannon, meth head, slugger, brazen, hazard pay, share the wealth, compound interest, utility belt, belt clip, tool belts. The rest can be up to you.

Card – Reasoning

  • Glass Cannon – The glass cannon damage card is the only thing that makes the razor wire stronger. Things that affects bullets will not affect razor wire damage.
  • Meth head, Slugger, Brazen – No stamina is lost from AFK meleeing.
  • Hazard pay, Share the wealth, Compound interest – For a lot of copper to buy a lot of razor wire.
  • Utility belt, Belt clip, Tool belts. – Having more quick slots makes setting up way faster when you can use 4-5 razor wire at a time instead of 1 at a time.

Set Up

Act 1-4 The Crossing

  • You need to play in Offline mode in order to play with just bots.
  • Choose Recruit difficulty.
  • Choose Act 1 Map 4 called “The Crossing”.

Razor Wire Set Up

  • Buy stacks of razor wire and drop them on the ground. When you run out of money open the door and start placing (I think there is a timer on the shop in the safe room that only starts after you open the door so that’s why you should buy all your razor wire before you start placing in case it takes awhile).
  • If the razor upgrade exists, buy it as well, it makes the razor wire larger.
  • Place the razor wire outside in the doorway so that Ridden will have to walk through it to get to you.

Start Farming

Run outside across the top of the yellow pipes to hit blow up the gas tank so the horde starts. Run back to the safe room and wait for all your bots to come back inside; pinging the back of the safe room supposedly helps with this.

Pick up a bat from the weapon table and set yourself up so you’re against the left wall and rubber band your controller so you’re constantly swinging. Even if you get blasted back by a exploding Ridden, the razor wire should be getting most of your kills for you. The melee is just so you dont get AFK timed out.

You should get around 2.5k-3.5k kills an hour.

Note: After an hour it usually ends up lagging really badly but I was able to farm for about 2 hours to get over 7K kills. You can just set up another run if you can’t stand the lag. I always ended the run properly by jumping into the water, taking over each bot, and jumping all of them into the water.

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