Backpack Hero – CR-8 Mage Build Guide

Since there are nearly no guides here i thought id share one of my builds enjoy.

Guide to CR-8 Mage Build


First of all a small warning this build works very well, though there is a bug? That makes your energy vanish if the charge travels too long also this build can cause some lags.

This is how this build could look with all essentials in place.


Metallic Wand is our weapon of choice! Since it has very great scaling with MANA, wich is something we’d want to stack anyways as a mage.

If we manage to get this relic, a second metallic wand will be needed in order to gain huge amounts of damage.

This relic has the same purpose, just weaker initially but stronger for multiple turns. Though optimally, we don’t want to need a 2nd turn.

Even more damage.

This is our shield, though unfortunately its item category is only an accessory, so it doesn’t have shield buffs. Still, it manages to keep us alive quite a while. Depending on the items you find, you might want to abandon defense altogether and go all in on damage.

Our Core from here starts our energy, so placement is important also since there is a bug? Or feature where your remaining energy vanishes after a certain amount of time, it is very important to build a circuit as small as possible.

More energy and most importantly another charge wich means more time.

This here is what lets our extra charges become big, so they live long. Two is enough, though, since that’s already long enough that our energy vanishes.

Absolute must have (or similar item with same function) this changes our energy into MANA. Since MANA doesn’t refill by itself no mage build works without this!


This is how I build it, with two returners at the ends to gain an endless loop.

Alternatively, you could swap the returners for two more corners and form a circle.

Important for both variations is to place the core and batteries outside your loop in order to shorten the needed distance/time.

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