Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Get to Moonrise Tower

Way to Moonrise Tower

There are four ways in:

  1. Jump into the pit by the phase spider matriarch (you need feather fall cast or you die)
  2. There is a ladder after a puzzle room in the goblin fortress
  3. There is a portal in the Hag’s Lair, it is hidden behind another “face door” nearby where you fight the hag, you may need to wear a mask to pass through
  4. There is a lift hidden behind an illusionary wall in the Zhentarim hideout under Burning inn

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  1. Thanks. Seems really unintuitive to me, especially if I need to wear an obviously evil mind-controlling mask for one section (or have very specific party members for spells like feather fall), but I’ll maybe try them out at some other point. I think at this stage I’m just going to wait until launch if it’s this much of a pain in the butt.

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