Barony – Guide to Arms Selection

Tired of never knowing what weapon is best for what beast? Hitting skeletons with swords and taking forever? That spider not responding to your trusty blade? Trolls giving you sh** and you want to drop em quickly? Say no more fam. I gotchu homie.

This guide will give you the stats and information you need on each beast, and tell you the best weapon for the job. We will learn today, son.


Probably you’ve noticed that the monsters in this game seem to die faster and slower depending on the weapon. That is because of strengths and weaknesses. While a lot of games tend to make weapons a matter of preference, carrying a wide variety in Barony is recommended.

This game is no joke, you will die. Just like that time in high school when I asked that girl out, and she said no; in front of the entire cafeteria. Yep, that kind of dead — inside.

This guide is simple, straight to the point, and is easy to follow. I’ve included a picture below, simply match the face to the monster you’re curious about, and voila!

The best weapon for the job is selected, but sometimes other weapons do just as well, and if that is the case then there will be multiple weapons beside the beast’s face.

Now, before you argue: this all comes straight from the wikia. I poured over the entire graph of stats per monster, and damage multiplier of each monster in the game code based on the weapon.

Sometimes slightly lesser weapons will NOT be in the picture.

Remember, always carry a multitude of weapons; not just one type. (Or you totally could, if you choose to.)

Choose Your Weapon

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Differences of Each Weapon

Swords have a random chance to inflict bleeding. When the skill is maxed out you gain +5 ATK and inflict 5s [bleeding] status on fully charged strike. (targets invulnerable to bleeding take +5 additional ATK)

Maces When the skill is maxed out You gain +5 ATK and 25% chance inflict 1.5s [paralyze] status on fully charged strike. Generally if it is undead, the mace is its bane. Probably why the cleric starts with one.

Axes When the skill is maxed out You gain +10 ATK and inflict 3s [slow] status on fully charged strike.

Polearms When the skill is maxed out You gain +5 ATK and inflict [knockback] status on fully charged strike

Ranged When the skill is maxed out Ranged weapons never degrade on use.

 Extremely versatile and mostly ranged based. When maxed out you can cast low key spells without any effort whatsoever. You gain the ability to cast forcebolt without expending any MP. (Casting skill)

Fist When the skill is maxed out You gain +5 ATK and inflict [paralyze] status on fully charged stealth backstab strike.

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