Barotrauma – Beginners Guide

Guide on how to play the game for the recent players.

Guide for New Players

Medicine Basics

Medicine is one of the most vital parts of a barotrauma crew. The medical system is confusing for new players so ill give you a quick rundown, Burns and Bleeding can be fixed by plastiseal or bandages.

Organ damage, Gunshot wounds, Lacerations, Or blunt force trauma can be fixed with opium related medicine. Blood loss is treated with Saline or regular Blood Packs. Poisons can be fixed with their associated antidotes.

If somebody is down and requires CPR, perform it immediately. It is a common misconception that cpr can only be done by security and doctors. If the downed agent is underwater, put on a diving mask or suit before beginning cpr.

The order of afflictions to treat first is as follows:

  • All poisons or paralysis.
  • Husk infection (throw them out the airlock if there is no calynxide).
  • Bleeding (Fatal if the patient is downed or has multiple cuts, try to give blood to avoid them bleeding out while you bandage them).
  • Oxygen (if unconscious).
  • Blood Loss (goes down by 1% every 10 seconds).
  • Organ Damage.
  • Blunt force trauma (can effect the speed if damage is done to the legs).
  • Lacerations.
  • Any other negative affliction.

The Health System

Every class has different hp.

As you take on more and more damage, the vital signs bar in the bottom right will decrease. If this bar runs out, you will get downed and will be unable to talk or move. At 5 HP, your character will collapse prematurely.

While downed you will slowly start to suffocate (its basically your bleedout timer.) If you are about to go down, alert the crew prematurely.

As you can guess, if this downed hp bar empties out you will die and have to wait for the reinforcement shuttle. While downed you can give in, only do this if the redeploy shuttle is about to head out or if you know its over.

Any further damage taken while down will make you die faster.

Husks will slowly recover over time while downed, finish them off.

If you have the vigor buff, you will slowly regenerate no matter what. However, it is still possible to suffocate.

Doctor takes top priority when reviving or needing revival, they’re the glue that holds you all together.

Again, if you cant provide sufficient medical assistance then you must stop the bleeding and perform cpr.

Basic Rundown on Each Roles Responsibility

  • Captain: Pilot the ship, give orders to the crew.
  • Security: Keep the Peace, protect aganist outside threats and kill hostiles.
  • Medic: Revive and keep the crew in check.
  • Mechanic: Repair the ship, Do mechanical repairs and craft.
  • Engineer: Operate the reactor or keep the AI control in check. Make electrical repairs.
  • Assistant: Help others in their jobs, learn skills faster.
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